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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Event: Cake Bake & Sweets Show

The Dome, Sydney Olympic Park

Congratulations to Stephanie the winner of the Cake Bake & Sweets Show from my first giveaway ever held on! 

Hopefully I'll get more chances for my readers to participate in fun things like this again in the near future!

I was fortunate to have been able to visit the Cake Bake Sweets Show . The event was a much anticipated inaugural show that run from Friday to Sunday showcasing what's on offer - workshop-like classes from professionals from great talented bakers, chefs and cake artists alike.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Event: CropFest Sydney presented by Youth Food Movement


They might look weird and wonky... but they still taste good!

 CropFest is a fantastic project run by the Youth Food Movement that raises the issue of food waste and how we all should be celebrating the whole crop produce despite any size or shape of your fruit or veg!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Guest Post: Top 5 Wines & Desserts

Top 5 Wine & Dessert Pairings

Author Bio: Michael Lowecroft is passionate about wines and vintage whisky, and is always looking for great purchases before he invites friends and family around for dinner. Michael lives in London with his wife and is a management consultant for a living.

Short of spending your time scouring the shelves of your local supermarket or specialist wine retailer and looking for wines specifically labelled as “Dessert Wines,” or embarrassingly having to ask for advice because, despite wanting to appear a wine connoisseur, you have no idea of what to look for or buy, it can be difficult to match wine with dessert.
Most people, after buying wine for a dinner on a few occasions, know what goes well with chicken or lamb, for example, but make what might be seen as a fatal etiquette error by simply sticking with the same wine for the dessert. Whether this is a better or worse scenario than pulling out a bottle of port or sherry under the assumption that it’s a dessert accompaniment “for all seasons,” we’ll leave up to you to decide.
We’ve also decided to help you out with five wines that are great for desserts, and have even added a dessert suggestion so you can’t go wrong!
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