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Monday, November 17, 2014

Gelato Messina, Darlinghurst, NSW


Everyone who loves ice-cream should know of this namesake by now - and if not, then now you will! Gelato Messina has various stores within Sydney since 2002 beginnings based in Darlinghurst. Now, it's broaden it's reach with places in Pyrmont, Parramatta, Bondi, Surry Hills and over in Melbourne's Fitzroy.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Garden Grove, FL USA


It was a last minute decision to go have dinner nearby at Walt Disney World's Swan & Dolphin Hotel in Walt Disney World that proved to work a treat. In this somewhat hidden restaurant lies a huge 25-foot oak tree that glimmers with fairy lights and lanterns at night in the middle of the place and some furry Disney friends also make an appearance to your table! Sometimes it's Goofy, Pluto or the Chipmunks' Chip and Dale. 

This is a super easy and casual restaurant and when we went to dine at 8:30PM that night, we really could have just had walked in because it was so quiet on a weeknight instead of using the hotel concierge.

The restaurant is open through-out the day with buffet or a la carte breakfast usually with characters on the weekends, a la carte lunch and buffet-style dinner for the evenings. It was a nice alternative to theme park disney dining rather than going to a resort or park restaurant and having to wait or reserve as well as bump shoulders with other families and kids around you - whilst the characters are a huge win!

For dinner the buffet pertains to the unlimited supply of a fresh salad bar with options to create your own salad in the 'chop it or toss it' salad station with a cast member chef who's around to happily toss or chop up your ingredients together into a bowl with a choosing of a vinaigrette or dressing of your choice. A variation of jars are lined up on either side to offer you additional pickled vegetables and healthier choices are on hand in comparison to outside vendors in the parks that'll offer you fast food or fried meals - I felt like after a week or so of fattier foods, this evening could turn out slightly beneficial!

Unlimited soup and bread rolls with jars of different butter are an additional condiment to have, including an Italian Cabbage vegetable soup which I tried and enjoyed the lightness of the broth-like soup or the Garden Grove house Clam Chowder for a more wholesome and creamier soup.

For your main course there are three alternatives to choose and they range on prices ($29.99-$36.99) depending on what you enjoy most. For our table we each decide upon having the 8-oz Cedar Plank Blackened Salmon - served with sides of mashed potato and broccoli. The "Chef's Vegetarian Creation"that night was a pasta and vegetable dish for the evening and lastly 1/2 organic chicken that had been thyme roasted and served with green beans as well.

Finally we have a dessert station to bring the healthy meal to an unbalance! Beautifully sweet chocolate mousse, raspberry coulis with petite madeleines and moreish little tartlets and cakes to finish off the buffet experience on a sweet note.

Garden Grove Café on Urbanspoon

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Short Holiday - Be Right Back!

Be Right Back!

I will be on holidays to my second home that so happens to be the happiest place on earth - Walt Disney World!

So you won't be seeing any further updates until at least the week I return; let's say mid-November 2014 once i've gotten over jet lag and back to work life in Sydney. I'm very much excited to go back to seeing my old workplace and Disney family and shall be snapping lots of food pictures (during my time there, the annual Epcot Food & Wine is on!) to share with you later on.

Here's a Mickey Waffles Recipe in the meantime to make you all jelly... <3

- Sophie.

Friday, October 10, 2014

TeaThyme's Third Birthday!


Today marks my third year in being in the blogging scene for food. This just comes to show that three years on i'm still a food crazy girl that loves snapping up pictures and sharing it to the world! 

It was a very low-key celebration for it. I just turned on my phone and realised so I thought heck, why not buy THREE macarons for the occasion?

Not much words today unlike the previous birthdays for pearls of birthday wisdom. But I'm happy with how the blog is so far :)

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Good Food Month

Sydney Morning Herald's "Good Food Month" of October!*

I remember in my early days when I began blogging for that I visited Sydney Morning Herald's then-named Sydney International Food Festival by Crave and it was quite a fun experience. 

This year the same experience falls under a different name but still provides us with the same fun family friendly social activities that are great for the lazy weekend or post-work snack! It goes to show us Aussies love ourselves a good time out into the park for a picnic or just to have some good ol' different types of food!

The Good Food Month festival brings back the favourite bi-annual festivities for October - the night markets, the sugary sweet Sugar Hits for the night owls and even a cheeky photography exhibition involving participating chefs to be taken with their food in 'Shoot the Chef'. 

Have a peek at their online program for yourself and get cracking! I hope to do a few visits myself and blog about it soon but I have limited time since I'll be going on a holiday overseas most of October! 

Sophie's Foodie Wishlist:


'The Breakfast Club" 
 I love this event title! What more can a foodie love than the first meal of the day with this casual cool deal Good Food offers. For $20 per person, select cafes are offering a breakfast menu to showcase their morning wares during the month. I really hope to try the following:

Try either the lemon crepes with chestnut honey, lemon and mint salad or black truffle scrambled eggs with Asiago, asparagus and toast with tea or coffee included. 

Watermelon and strawberry shot; smoked trout, avocado and poached egg parcel with organic quinoa, herb and nut salad


"Sunday Family Lunch"
There's noting more enjoyable than a lazy Sunday afternoon luncheon with friends and family. On October 12th, the next round of Sunday Family Lunches begin including:

Enjoy chef Ruben Martinez's signature crisp Tuscan-style pork belly with fennel puree, salsa verde and mustard fruits alongside gorgeous seasonal vegetables and salads.

Bring your family and friends to an oasis on the edge of the city. Overlooking the endless grassy lawns in the Centennial Parklands, share in a weekly roast with all the trimmings and condiments.
Night Noodle Markets

Different restaurant vendors lined up with stalls for you to taste test!

Located in Hyde Park, Sydney, October 10 - 26
Mon – Tue 5pm – 9pm
Wednesday 5pm – 10pm
Thursday - Fri 5pm – 11pm
Saturday 4pm-10pm
Sunday 4pm – 9pm

Best of all - it's FREE entry!
* has no affiliation and not profiting with the events stated above.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Chi & Co. , NSW


Taking a trip from north to western suburbs is a rarity for me but it is well worth having fun exploring new places! 

Over in Canley Heights Chi & Co. (formerly known as Chi Chi) is a modern asian restaurant and bar with various flavours of thai, malaysian and vietnamese and is served shared/tapaz-style.

The place is awesome in atmosphere once you enter the restaurant. It's all big and daring - a random bright neon sign talking about double raaaaainbows! (that made me laugh) and a long gorgeous white cocktail bar on the side where the kitchen is busily hustling out the goods. On the tabled dining section is bare high ceilings with long wired Edison down lights, the wooden table tops with a wall that showcases a large black and white illustration including the restaurant's pretty namesake.

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