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Welcome to TeaThymes! is a food and travel blog based in Sydney, Australia. From here you'll get to see some restaurant reviews, food and travel product reviews and the occasional recipes -all matters of food and drink!


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Trick or Treat!


Not much of a food post, but just a brief post to celebrate Halloween (which is actually this coming Monday). Usually I don't do much for Halloween, as it really isn't that huge for Aussie's as it is Americans. 

This year however I went to the Magique Halloween Circus last night at Luna Park. It was a ticketed event that held performing circus acts like trapeze, acrobatic and dancers on stage as well as performers on the dance floor. It was a costumed event for 18 years and up, with facilities to a Bar for drinks and the neat Silent Disco. 

After that, I headed on over to a friend's place for a Halloween bash, in my Lolita-esque costume and got some wicked lollies for a treat! 

I feel bad that I have no foodie photos to post, so let me hook you up with a treat that'll be sure to freak out your guests as they peer down inside the cookie jar.

One of my fave reads, The Adventures of Sugarbelle has this eye-popping cookie recipe that I stumbled upon a few nights back. I really want to learn to bake sugar cookies and royal icing now after seeing these.

The Sweet Adventures of SugarBelle 

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It's Tea Time!


Ever since these Taiwanese based tea drinks popped out of no where a few years back in the CBD's Chinatown district, it still is a thriving beverage that has become an enjoyable alternative to tea drinks. 

The 'pearls' are little starch balls that can easily be bought from an asian grocer. Mine in particular was a dried pearl packet that, according to it's instructions, takes only 5-10 Minutes to make at home. Along with some other homeware materials, it's quite a simple and easy drink to prepare.

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Wasabi Bistro, NSW

I love anything to do with Japanese, as you'll soon figure out when you get to know Teathyme more. So, my latest Japanese restaurant trek would have to go to the Wasabi Bistro over on Bourke Street in Surry Hills.

The owners of Wasabi Bistro happen to have a knack for opening quite a few restaurants, in particular the Bistro is one of the three establishments. They specialize in Modern Japanese cuisine, and each have their own different styles for menu and ambience. It's best to book ahead at this point, because they seem to get busy really quickly for their lunch/dinner trade. I've had to come back on another night because they couldn't do walk-ins.

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Sydney's International Food Festival, NSW

October. Why is it special? There's Oktoberfest, Halloween and... the Sydney International Food Festival.

Created by Crave, this festival will surely make October every foodie's favourite month of the year as so many wonderful things are happening! Namely, there's the Night Noodle Markets over in the CBD's Hyde Park and the various 'Sugar Hits' for the night owls like me.

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On the Grapevine: Hunter Valley, NSW

So the first post is always an exciting one; I really am looking forward to updating TeaThyme with more delicious posts of food and beverages!

And, what better than to kick-off my blogging with this newly experienced roadtrip towards the Hunter Valley.


Last weekend the girls and I ventured onto a road trip over the long weekend towards the Hunter Valley in New South Wales (NSW), Australia. Unlike my fellow roadtrippers, I haven't had the chance to frollick into the vineyards before (and yes, I did get my boots all muddy from running down the fields of the grapevines!) nor have I ever considered trying a wine tasting session before so all in all, the trip was pretty much a new experience just waiting to be had!

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Welcome to TeaThyme!

Hello to my friends and family - and to new and yet-to-be familiar readers!
Welcome to TEATHYME. 

Originally, TeaThyme was just an idea for my tumblr blog that collects food and drink pictures of the interwebs. Now, I have now branched out to Food/Drink blogging - that's right, more delicious goodness not only on tumblr but now it'll be posted here for you to read, comment and enjoy. 

What will be here?

Unlike my Teathyme on tumblr, this will be more personal posts of food-related posts including but not limited to photojournalism, recipes, cafe encounters and restaurant reviews amongst many other scrumptious treats that'll tickle your tastebuds!

You're welcome to follow this blog by email or sign in with Google to be updated for when I next post.
Looking forward to tea-drinking and food-devouring with you all!

For now, visit TeaThyme on tumblr:

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