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Chat Thai, NSW


Chat Thai has become more known in the past few years. It is a thai restaurant that's usually turning over tables as fast as the plates are being served. The staff are always friendly and whichever place you choose to venture forth in, you'll instantly notice the 'buzz' that this place exudes - a mixture of bustling energy from the staff and of the hungry people that come for their richly authentic food.

All the time, people are lining up for a taste of this place, with hours that range from 10AM-10PM weeknights and later closures of 2AM on the busier weekends. Chat Thai is popping up in various city locations in Sydney including Manly (as of late, Manly is "Coming Soon" for a re-opening), Haymarket, Westfield Pitt Street, Randwick and it's newest re-addition of the Galeries Victoria shop underneath the food court area that has re-opened for business after it's food court had received a major overhaul. Chat Thai also participated as a food stall for the second year round in the recent Crave Sydney International Food Festival, selling some of it's uniquely authentic hawker-style Thai meals.

Alot of the customers tend to be of younger crowds - students and passerby's who are captivated by their loft-like set up, the modern brick walls and the thai-pop music scene. Often in my dinner visits I get to see the occasional dimming of their house lights and the smooth transition of pop music going to a "Happy Birthday" song that gets cranked up for the fortunate (or unfortunate) special Birthday Girl/Boy... which if you don't mind being in the spotlight, it's pretty awesome.

They have several menu choices depending on when you visit at Lunch/Dinner/Supper time, with a rotation of specialty dishes and prices are relatively cheap. The meals have authentic Thai traits that are not overly sweet and tasty however often spicy with decent enough portions that, if you choose the right dishes, could easily be shared amongst friends and family.

Tonight, after drinks were sorted we ordered for our table of four. For starters, we had the marinated pork skewers, known as "Mu Bhing" which are always a great starter. The pork is soft and lean that it almost melts away. The sauce that accompanies the skewers give an added chili punch for those inclined. Then to share, we ordered meals like the "Kai Jeau"; a pork fried rice and "Larpb Gai" which is a warm salad of mint, lime and coriander with grounded chicken tossed together.

For dessert there are many different treats. Tonight we ate "Par tuhng go" which is fried bread with a light green pandang custard sauce to dip them into. Then the sweet little glutinous balls that are made of yum... floating in a coconut milk and a poached egg concoction.

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