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It's Tea Time!


Ever since these Taiwanese based tea drinks popped out of no where a few years back in the CBD's Chinatown district, it still is a thriving beverage that has become an enjoyable alternative to tea drinks. 

The 'pearls' are little starch balls that can easily be bought from an asian grocer. Mine in particular was a dried pearl packet that, according to it's instructions, takes only 5-10 Minutes to make at home. Along with some other homeware materials, it's quite a simple and easy drink to prepare.

For my first attempt, I think it was pretty decent. The pearls were fun to make and watch them rise and fall as the water bubbled away. Unfortunately I didn't like how bland they can get if you don't add that little bit of sugar or sweetness whilst they cook, so next time I'd probably try and sweeten them up.

What You'll Need:
- "Pearl" / Tapioca Balls
- A cup for measure
- Teabags of choice
- Sugar and/or Honey
- Milk and/or Condensed Milk
- A large Straw

Instructions - Pearls:
First off boil up a kettle full of water. Once hot, take a deep pan and place onto stove on a high heat at first. To add taste, you could optionally add sugar or honey to sweeten the water that the Pearls will absorb.

Hint:  For 10 cups of water you place into the pan, you'll need about 1 full cup of Pearls.

For me, I improvised on that hint off the packet and did about 2 cups of water, 1/4 cup pearl ratio since I didn't need that many pearls for just one small drink.

Slowly distribute the pearls into the pan, lightly stirring them with a spoon until they look plump.
 Stop stirring and place a lid with the heat to medium for five minutes.

Instructions - Tea:
Whilst you're at the step of waiting for five minutes to make the Pearls, use the opportunity to brew a cup of tea of your choice. I took two teabags of English Breakfast and let them brew in half a cup of hot water until it was a strong enough brew (ie: a dark brown tea water).

Five minutes up and/or the pearls seem to be cooked, you then turn off heat and strain the excess water and leave aside for a couple of minutes.

Add it all together.
Take some milk (or Condensed Milk for the super sweet) and pour into your tea brew at your preference. Place a spoon into your Pearl batch and spoon them into your cup - they'll sink to the bottom!

Drink them up with a large straw or use a spoon. Be careful if it's still hot!
If you make them, leave a comment to tell me how it goes! I want to perfect this recipe.

Can't make it at home? Don't worry, these franchises sell them in Australia:

Easy Way Tea

ChaTime Tea

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