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On the Grapevine: Hunter Valley, NSW

So the first post is always an exciting one; I really am looking forward to updating TeaThyme with more delicious posts of food and beverages!

And, what better than to kick-off my blogging with this newly experienced roadtrip towards the Hunter Valley.


Last weekend the girls and I ventured onto a road trip over the long weekend towards the Hunter Valley in New South Wales (NSW), Australia. Unlike my fellow roadtrippers, I haven't had the chance to frollick into the vineyards before (and yes, I did get my boots all muddy from running down the fields of the grapevines!) nor have I ever considered trying a wine tasting session before so all in all, the trip was pretty much a new experience just waiting to be had!

The first winery we sighted was the Bimbadgen Estate Wines on McDonalds Road. We drove up the rosebush lined driveway towards the Cellar Door and Taste Bar, a modern contemporary bar that overlooks a vast land of their wine fields.

We caught the attention of a friendly guy who was quick to offer our palates a lesson in the art of wine tasting - examining the crispness of their whites, the mellowness of their reds and the sweetness of their Fortified wines. Happily, I bought one of their Bortrytis Semillon bottles - the liquid is golden in colour and wickedly sweet in taste, with aromas of citrus and spice and as noted from our friendly guy, the yummy crème brûlée like flavour that hits your tongue.

Moving on, we also visited the Tyrrell's Winery and squeezed in some time for their daily tours of the winery. The Tyrrell's is still run by their fourth generation to this day. The tour is only about $5 and totally worth trying if you want to get the "behind the wine" feel of what it's like inside the winery, to know the process that it takes for the grapes and then how they turn them into the wines that so many people buy, love and keep tucked away by the dozens in their cellars.

Then on the corner of Broke and McDonalds Road (which are the major heartstrings of the wineries) is the rather interesting Tempus Two and a few other worthy treats alongside it such as the gourmet deli/gelato bar - peanut butter ice-cream was so creamy; I had it twice in the two days I was there. There was other exotic and out of the ordinary flavours too, unlike the usual choc, strawberry and vanilla.

As for Tempus Two, this is a wine label I've been recommended by from a few family and friends to visit and try out for myself. When you get to the Cellar Door for tasting, the first thing to take in is how pretty impressive the ambience is - black and metallic silver decor as well as the chandeliers that seem to have that extra sparkle after taking another sip of their Moscato.

Bimbagden Wine Estate

Tyrrell's Wines

Tempus Two

Hunter Valley

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