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Sydney's International Food Festival, NSW

October. Why is it special? There's Oktoberfest, Halloween and... the Sydney International Food Festival.

Created by Crave, this festival will surely make October every foodie's favourite month of the year as so many wonderful things are happening! Namely, there's the Night Noodle Markets over in the CBD's Hyde Park and the various 'Sugar Hits' for the night owls like me.

I didn't get to taste anything from the Night Noodle Markets as yet but this weekend I strolled through the markets to see what was new. Like last year when I visited the Night Noodle markets, it was held at the northside of the Hyde Park with trading hours of 5PM-9PM weeknights. There's plenty of stalls to choose from: headliner cuisine vendors like Longrain, Mamak, Din Tai Fung and Chat Thai who undoubtedly are my favourite restaurants amongst the others appeared this time round with each of their own signature dishes.

There is music and plenty of grass, chairs and tables to choose from to sit back and unwind from the CBD's hustle and bustle with mates, your colleagues or even the kiddies. There's a few stalls for drinks, namely the bars and the three dedicated pubs from brands like Coopers and Brown Brothers with plenty of alcoholic beverages that'll cool you down after a great meal.

Then there is this new type of event I hadn't known of before - the elusive Sugar Hit at participating restaurants. What happens is a few of these places are doing a deal of a glass of drink (dessert wine) and one of their special dessert dishes that showcases their sweet sensations.

Last night after class we ventured forth for a Sugar Hit which is hidden deep within the sanctum of the Westfield Pitt Street Mall, Pitt Street to the Spiedo Restaurant to try their Sugar Hit for $20.

Besides their Sugar Hit offer, the restaurant is a Northern Italian cuisine with rave reviews for their pastas. The place is on the sixth floor - quite a lot of lifts, stairs or elevator trips but once you're there you'll get to see the glass windows overlooking Pitt Street with light wooden tables. There is always a maƮtre d to greet you and take you towards a table with staff that wait your tables in a bright green uniform.

We were greeted with our dessert wine first, the Brown Brother's Orange & Flora Muscat of 2010 - I definitely could taste the citrus of orange, and it drank so smoothly. Then came the dessert - Spiedo's buttermilk panna cotta with strawberry granita, shortbread crumbles on the side and basil leaf to finish. My first thoughts of this dessert was that the panna cotta, something I rarely have, is silky smooth and very easy to spoon from plate to mouth! The granita, a sweet pinkish-red strawberry is an icy awakening that refreshes whilst then the accompaniment of the shortbread crumbles gave it a bit of that necessary crunch.

The Night Noodle Markets

The Sugar Hits

Spiedo Restaurant & Bar

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