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Trick or Treat!


Not much of a food post, but just a brief post to celebrate Halloween (which is actually this coming Monday). Usually I don't do much for Halloween, as it really isn't that huge for Aussie's as it is Americans. 

This year however I went to the Magique Halloween Circus last night at Luna Park. It was a ticketed event that held performing circus acts like trapeze, acrobatic and dancers on stage as well as performers on the dance floor. It was a costumed event for 18 years and up, with facilities to a Bar for drinks and the neat Silent Disco. 

After that, I headed on over to a friend's place for a Halloween bash, in my Lolita-esque costume and got some wicked lollies for a treat! 

I feel bad that I have no foodie photos to post, so let me hook you up with a treat that'll be sure to freak out your guests as they peer down inside the cookie jar.

One of my fave reads, The Adventures of Sugarbelle has this eye-popping cookie recipe that I stumbled upon a few nights back. I really want to learn to bake sugar cookies and royal icing now after seeing these.

The Sweet Adventures of SugarBelle 

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