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Wasabi Bistro, NSW

I love anything to do with Japanese, as you'll soon figure out when you get to know Teathyme more. So, my latest Japanese restaurant trek would have to go to the Wasabi Bistro over on Bourke Street in Surry Hills.

The owners of Wasabi Bistro happen to have a knack for opening quite a few restaurants, in particular the Bistro is one of the three establishments. They specialize in Modern Japanese cuisine, and each have their own different styles for menu and ambience. It's best to book ahead at this point, because they seem to get busy really quickly for their lunch/dinner trade. I've had to come back on another night because they couldn't do walk-ins.

We had one of those daily deal vouchers handy, and were fortunate to have the seven course degustation menu. To start, a glass of wine of our choosing with the first entree - Agedashi Tofu, a warm block of tofu that has been deep-fried and served within a soy sauce broth with a sprinkling of katsuoubushi (bonito) flakes that seem to perform a happy dance on arrival at your table.

Then there was the steamed gyoza, the lightly battered tempura plate, beef tataki, miso soup, fresh slices of sashimi and an assortment of sushi to nibble on.

For mains there was alot to choose from; but this time we opted for a Wagyu Beef and Grilled Salmon. The Wagyu beef was my choice for a main and it wasn't too bad, with tender pieces that had a blanket of cream sauce against a bed of rice and salad. My friend's Salmon seemed to be on the money, as they quite liked dipping their lightly seared salmon into their teriyaki dish.

Ice cream for dessert equals delight! We tried their green tea and black sesame scoops that were supplied with a generous amount of whipped cream and sprinkled green tea/sesame flavoured flakes to decorate. Yum.

For ambience and service, overall it is quite spacious and friendly. There's the iconic cherry blossom tree up at the back of the restaurant along with the modern sculptures and floral artworks that adorned the walls. Our beloved waiter by the name of "trainee" made the night fun. He was really polite and attentive towards us and it was only his third night working there! Good on you, trainee-kun!

Wasabi Bistro

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  1. Thanks for the review. Food looks great - but they seem to constantly have deal voucher offers, which seems a little odd as a business strategy...