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Big Breakfast at Home


This morning I had a gigantic breakfast with my parents. With a quick dash across the street to the supermarket for food, we had some freshly bought ciabatta bread loaf, eggs, strips of bacon, a bunch of Swiss brown mushrooms, cream of corn, baked beans and chunky kransky sausages.

Dad does the cooking: making us some sunnyside eggs with our bacon and Swiss brown mushrooms. The mushrooms were only lightly tossed into a pan to fry then immersed in hot water to be cooked. The bread and butter is cut by Mum and I've got the drinks and table covered. With everything quickly whipped up we soon tucked into our breakky for today.

The ciabatta bread was so soft in it's centre with a good enough crust that wasn't too tough to munch on, I'd easily just have that with butter but there's more on the plate! Dipping the bread onto the egg yolk is probably a trait I've learnt from Mum, whilst having a bit of everything in one go would be from Dad.

The Kransky sausages were an extra buy since dad felt like some sausages amongst everything else on the table. The cream corn and baked beans go well with our bread and eggs, whilst the salty bacon with some Worcestershire sauce wasn't skipped over either.

Being quite full on food and feeling quite a glutton after, there was plenty of time to burn before the day is through. I did abit of errands and stepped out into the city to meet friends and shared some cookies from the Cookie Man store that we swung by beforehand. The brandy snaps and Harlequin cookies are my favourite as they bring me back to when I was my younger self - eating those Cookie Man cookies was part of my childhood life and not so much as today since we've moved house a long time ago to an area where Cookie Man is.. so is it just me or doesn't Cookie Man seem to be around much anymore?

Ofcourse, in my haste to gobble them all up I hadn't taken any pretty pictures of the cookies themselves. But, having those cookies sure were a delight! What I did was for $10 a bag, you get to have 30 Cookies of your own choosing. Plenty of Harlequins and Brandy Snaps to be had, amongst some heart-shaped butter cookies and lemon poppyseed cookies too...

Undoubtedly, I finished the cookies already after three days of buying them. If I had a Genie, I'd make one of those wishes for a magical re-fillable Cookie Man bag...

Cookie Man Cookies

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  1. Those Cookie Man bags sound amazing...and I'm sure I could squeeze in some cookies even after such a hearty breakfast :-)