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Ichi-Ban Boshi, NSW


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On the second floor of The Galeries Victoria (TGV for short) is the Japanese restaurant Ichi-Ban Boshi. This has been one of my favourite places to eat out for lunch or an early dinner as it is within the Sydney CBD with decent portions as well as being not too heavy on the wallet. It's also at a close distance to shops, the cinemas, bus stops and the Town Hall train station so it's easy to get there to have a quick feed.

When I was a teenager I'd go with friends for their Ramen in the afternoon. We'd head on over to it's neighbour that shares the same floor; Kinokuniya Bookstore for a quick roam about whenever the line-up was with a 15min+ waiting period. The store takes up most of the floor level with a range of literature especially catering for foreign languages such as Japanese and Chinese magazines, anime/graphic novels and English for books, cd's, stationary and dvd's. 

The line-up for tables during peak hours (12-3PM) may take a while.  Fortunately today was a quick walk-in around 4:30PM and we were eager to settle our orders for today. 

Edamame was my choice for something to nibble on before our meals. My friend wanted to order the Tonkotsu Ramen, a rich cream-like pork broth that enriches you with collagen but it's a rather hard to get Ramen as they sell out quickly daily starting from 1-or-2PM. 

So, she had the Pork Katsu set which was served with salad, hot miso soup and assorted pickles. The pork is crumbed with a crunchy coating; it's then blanketed with an egg that gives it "a smoother, silkiness to the pork" - as quoted from my friend when I asked her what it's like to eat it. The pork is also placed on top of a bed of rice. 

What did I have? I have my "usual" which is the Miso Ramen. A salty, miso-based broth that never disappoints me. The ramen is served hot with noodles that have this smooth, chewy-like consistency that has been like this for many years. Pieces of sliced pork, bamboo shoots, corn, shallots and bean sprouts are the usual companions to the broth although mine was sans bean sprouts today as I'd requested. 

Each bowl is printed with the Ichi-Ban Boshi logo on it's inside. Usually, before digging into the broth and noodles I'd like to find the red star logo and then make sure to move the bowl so I can see the logo in front of me. Then when I eat up, I can watch as everything in front of me reduces and in the end of your meal the logo is fully visible! Woohoo, sense of achievement!

Other delightful dishes I've had many times before in this restaurant include the fried gyoza dumplings, the chicken katsu curry and my favourite beverage, the Green Tea Cappuccino which is this green frothy monster of a drink that tastes sweetly good with any Japanese dish. 

PS: They're Cash Only! It's a fair walk out to George Street if you need an ATM, so come with some dollars in your pocket.

Ichi-Ban Boshi

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