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Jonga-Jip BBQ, NSW


It's not often that I get to have Korean cuisine for dinner, so when I do get the chance to have a Korean BBQ I always look forward to the dishes of bulgolgi, bibimbap, or the naengmyeon (cold noodle soups) and my favourite... those chewy rice cakes (especially dukboki)!

Tonight I dined at Jonga-Jip in Eastwood. It is a well-known K-BBQ restaurant that is situated on a street that has Korean grocers, butchers, retail and other restaurants of the like. Whenever I go out for dinner, it's always comforting to see who else is dining out - in this case, there wasn't many westerners but alot of asian customers, next to us were a group of Chinese, and a Korean husband and wife. I always think it is a good place when you find that the majority of the customers are in fact from the same ethnicity as the meals that the restaurant serves.

Each table has an in-laid BBQ set top for you to cook on, which the waitperson preps for you. The service is always efficient here and it's pretty neat to have each table with their own little door-bell-like buttons to signal attention for service, especially at a busy night like this one was.

So what was on order? We did order naengmyeon amongst other things non-BBQ. This is a cold noodle soup that has egg, potato/glass noodles and what you do is place vinegar and mustard into the mix. We also had a rice cake soup (to curve my favouritism for those rice cakes!) which is served hot in a broth and also for BBQ-ing, we had some different meats with a sweet-flavoured marinade. It wouldn't be Korean without Kimchi, which I happened to take a picture of before everything was quickly devoured.

Side dishes (known as banchan) at Jonga-Jip are quite tasty too, they come with your meal as a complimentary and often vary. Tonight from memory there was pickled radish, potatoes, seaweed and tofu to describe a few.

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  1. Dear Sophie,

    I thought the meal here was quite tasty and my favourite was the Wagyu short rib on the hot BBQ.