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Koi Kei Candy, HK & Pancakes, NSW


Last week I received some Hong Kong sweets from my relatives that had returned from their visit to Hong Kong and Macau.

We also went to Pancakes on The Rocks, at the Rocks for some... pancakes!

They gave us two types of candies that are specially made from Koi Kei Bakery based in Macau that have been making Portuguese-Chinese traditional baked goods since 1997.

The candies I got are made with walnut and peanut in square cubes that are so addictive to munch on. I've tried them both, the peanut is my favourite so far. Each one is crunchy and sweet to taste with the walnut being the more overpowering than it's rival. I'm not quite sure what else is in the recipe to this unbelievably unique snack food, but it has been a proven winner over the family household!

Then for a late supper we headed on over for some pancakes at Pancakes on the Rocks, at the flagship restaurant situated on Hickson Rd at the Rocks. This was on a Saturday at about 2AM, so it was pretty busy enough with all the crowds of nightclubbers out for their pancake crawl after what would probably must have been a good night out with friends. Pancakes on the Rocks is a 24 hour restaurant, so it's easy to swing by anytime.

We shared two pancake dishes, the Devil's Delight; two chocolaty flavoured pancakes which had a cake-like texture to it with strawberries, vanilla ice-cream and a drizzling of chocolate sauce all over this devilish dish. Then there was the simple Short Stack, the original pancake mixture with maple syrup and whipped butter. Simple buttery maple goodness.

It can be pretty difficult to fit more than one dish down, as I've duly noted from another table next to us - leaving at least more than half of their own Devil's Delight behind. For something that's an early morning feed, it can be a lot to eat but I managed to make a dent in my own order.

Koi Kei Bakery

Pancakes on the Rocks

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