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Palate, NSW

Palate, NSW

On a weekend off from work and away from my usual duties I usually make time for a walk about in World Square for some shopping and ducked inside Palate for some rest before another bout of shops.

As the name suggests; it's a cafe that has various tastes in international cuisines to offer for you palate. With indoor as well as outdoor seats, it's quite a nifty location for city dwellers and shoppers alike to put their feet (and wallets) to rest whilst having a lunch or coffee break.

I've been told by one of my cousins before that they've got some pretty neat looking latte's on offer as an alternative to the usual Coffees and Tea. The exotic asian coffees of Taro, Black Sesame and Green Tea Latte were to choose from. So far I've had the Black Sesame & Green Tea flavoured Lattes - this time round for the Green Tea I thought at first the taste was a little bit too bitter and couldn't really finish the whole cup in one sitting. The tea was milky, sweet and came with vibrant colours of purple for Taro and a moss-like green for the Green Tea. The Black Sesame however was quite smoother to drink, with a light grey-black and white look to it.

For one visit for lunch we had their Malaysian curry with rice and a light caesar salad. I'll be optimistic here and say that today must've been an off-day because quality wise, I was slightly disappointed but kept this to myself as my company had raved a little about the place prior. On two occasions our table had a few disappointments in regards to what was served to us; so for one, the curry was served almost cold and needed a quick revival in the microwave. For taste however, the curry was quite enjoyable to eat along with the rice and that additional serve of their crisp buttery Roti which I savoured so much.

Our Caesar salad was well... a caesar salad. The usual iceberg lettuce chopped and tossed with cheese, mayonnaise-based dressing and a dash of avocado and bits of croutons. The avocado in particular was my second irksome moment, as the avocado was stiff and had the blackened spots in various chunks throughout the salad mix and was really undesirable, so we returned it for a new one.

However all was fixed up in the end and with lunch eaten, shopping resumed.

A few days later, I went back again being the hopeful customer as I am (three or more strikes and they're out though!). This was the time I'd try the Black Sesame Latte and dishes of a Club Sandwich and the Malaysian Curry again. Definitely, the previous visit was an off-day service/quality wise because this second trip made me appreciate Palate a whole lot better. The Curry is a favourite, with a ginger infused rice and sans roti this time round. The Club Sandwiches are gigantic in layers of three tiers of bacon, eggs, salad and a good ol' slathering of melted cheese and butter on the thick, crispy bread slices that were settled amongst some fries and ketchup.
Overall, the place is within the heart of the CBD at easy access. It's an ideal coffee stopover, and offers asian and european cuisine. I've seen a few other reviews, and would agree that for food it is cheap and somewhat eatable, despite my first encounters during my first sitting.

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