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Sydney Easter Show, 2011

(A very belated) SYDNEY EASTER SHOW, 2011.

It feels like I had visited the Easter Show last year but really in fact it was about half a year ago in April. With only a month to go until Christmas, it's amazing that when I was sorting through my photos just then and found my pictures of the food stalls and cakes, I thought "heck, why not post them now in mid-november whilst it still is relevant to the year of 2011?"

I'm kinda amused at myself whenever I happen to stumble across food/drink related photos that I have kept prior to setting up TeaThyme this October. It just comes to show how much of an interest I have had for food for the past year(s). It's also funny to me that I hadn't thought of food blogging sooner rather than later in 2011.

Moving on; at the Easter Show there was a lot to be seen in the Woolworths Food Dome and Exhibitions halls. From memory and using my photos as a reference, there were a lot of vendors that had different food varieties up for display and for people to taste test. I'm pretty sure that I had tried a few dairy products such as cheese, assorted flavoured milk products and some yogurt tasters.

There was also the awesome regional competition of displays which depicted something that represented each region using only fresh produce. Queensland claimed 1st Prize, which was a stunning concept of industrial apartment buildings using produce from Queensland areas. But I particularly didn't get a good enough pic of it and snapped up Sydney's display instead.

Then over in the artistry side behind it all was the cake decoration competition which was simply divine to admire.  I was totally awe-struck when I first saw them and kept on taking a lot of photography of different cakes that I admired most. My favourite would have to be the Disney Princess Cupcakes, in true Disney style. They are so adorable, I'd wish to have the talent to create something like these one day. They happen to have won the blue ribbon, by the way.

(Get ready for some extreme cuteness from several cake pictures.)

Above: Disney Princess Cupcakes & White Wedding Cake both respectively won 1st in their categories.

Above: The Chronicles of Narnia characters, green roses wedding cake and a Chinese Zodiac cupcake were budding entries.

Above: Noah's Ark with animals and friends, two very different 3-tiered style cakes & lastly, the Aquarium-like cake of sea creatures and coral which I believe, were made of sugar gumpaste, etc.

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