Merry Christmas!

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Wishing you all a wonderful happy holidays for the year filled with peace and good eating.
I'll be away for a short (but sweet!) retreat away from the Blogosphere from:

 25th December 2011 - 23rd January 2012.

Menya Mappen, NSW

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This week my friend and I visited Menya Mappen, a japanese-style cafeteria that is nestled within the Skyview Plaza arcade. This attracts a lot of the student and younger crowds,  as well as being an interesting niche for eating out during lunch and dinner. If you're into doing something a little different and don't mind a bit of self-serve action, then this might be an interesting experience.

Goddess Moscato, NSW

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After going to the Hunter Valley last October and from what I've discovered is that I definitely have tastebuds for the sweeter wines of Moscato, Dessert Wines or White Wines.

3 Mama Chef's, NSW

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Tonight we took refuge from the high city winds that seem to keep on coming and hid inside 3 Mama Chef  Thai Restaurant.


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Tonight we walked along the newly opened & refurbished Star City, now aptly titled 'The Star' over in Pyrmont. I've been meaning to visit this location after seeing a lot of other gorgeous foodie reviews from the several new restaurants on the ground level.

Marigold, NSW

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Last Sunday my parents and I went over to Marigold Chinese restaurant for 'Yum Cha'. I took my  camera this time to snap a few dishes, and also because afterwards I needed to go shopping for a new camera lens and tripod.

yum cha literally means to "drink tea" in english translation, often in some places the cuisine is referred in different names like dim sim/dim sum but all is similar. It's usually served in the daytime from breakfast to afternoon tea in Chinese restaurants. It is serving a variety of small dishes which is great when you're accompanied by friends, family, or even business colleagues that could easily have food to be shared (similar to how the Spanish tapas works out).

Pinch and a Punch!

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It's the first week of December and I'm already keen for Christmas traditions, good food and company, presents and holidays. Depending on which side of the world you reside in, it's either a winter christmas or a summer christmas. Mine's the latter; but either way, I look forward to having a great festive month.

I was flicking through a cooking magazine during my visitation to my hair dresser (as you do, haha..!) and stumbled upon some awesome recipes that have left me to ponder what I'd try to make during Christmas eve and for my parties.

My Christmas Cooking Wishlist:
NB: Things that I plan on trying out in the kitchen or just eating over the course of this month.

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 Gingerbread Men
HUGE fan of Gingerbread, this would be such an ideal bake for me. I absolutely look forward to having gingerbread men purchased at the shops, so the thought of making my own has always been tempting.

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