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3 Mama Chef's, NSW


Tonight we took refuge from the high city winds that seem to keep on coming and hid inside 3 Mama Chef  Thai Restaurant.

This was my first dinner there and we were complete walk-ins with no recommendations or tips whatsoever. First thoughts were that the place is friendly and simple in design and feel. The place is branded with the colour orange throughout the place and a Charlie's Angel-esque logo of the 3 Mama's, each with their own quirky portraits that hung vibrantly over my table's heads as we ate dinner.

The staff are quick enough to set the table clean with glasses of water and to deliver a bright green water bottle to accompany us as I quickly discover how much variations of dishes the 3 Mama's have to offer. For lunch or dinner, there's meals with foundations of rice, noodles, vegetables or meat.

We order an entree sized tom yum goong, the clear broth version as opposed to the creamy broth (which is just added milk to the soup), a serve of crispy pork with stir fry of morning glory, green curry chicken with steamed rice and a thai-style fried rice. We also order a whole coconut to sip and hack into, it's pristine coconutty juice a refresher to the tastebuds and was quite an effort to dig into but the coconut made up for the work.

The thai-style fried rice is the first to be produced from the bustling, loud kitchen of thai speaking staff. A lemon wedge, cucumber, broccolli, green beans and rice were the main ingredients, tossed together and served nicely.

Tom Yum decides to join the table. It's a rather large portion of the clear broth, with little brown mushrooms bobbing up and down as it's placed on the table to be shared. The broth is piping hot at first, with a light taste of fish sauce and not too much chili. There's plenty of chicken to be had, along with those cute mushroom buttons.

The crispy pork was a bit of a disappointment because when it landed at the table, the meat was no longer crisp but drenched in the oyster sauce that was with the morning glory vegetables.

The green curry came up last but for taste it was a favourite out of all we'd ordered. It was a dish that could've easily been eaten simply by itself with rice.

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