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Goddess Moscato, NSW


After going to the Hunter Valley last October and from what I've discovered is that I definitely have tastebuds for the sweeter wines of Moscato, Dessert Wines or White Wines.

Previous weeks ago, I had received my delivery of a 6-pack of Goddess pink moscato sparkling wines. It is produced and bottled over in Mittagong, NSW and made in 2009.

It was only today that we opened up the box to see what it's all about - a clean yet sleek design with just a bottle cap instead of the usual cork or screw top.

 The logo of Goddess is quite stunning by itself, the lovely deity is looking mighty fierce as she tackles the summer sun on this particular sunny blue skied Sydney afternoon.

As the label on the back says...

"The Goddess Sparkling Pink Moscato is a fun summer wine. It is a universal lifestyle beverage ideal for the family barbeque, great at party events, or comfortable at brunch events. This nouveau style wine is created from premium Australian Merlot and Muscat of Alexandria grapes. The finished wine is carbonated via the traditional French Charmat process. It has a lifted intense strawberry and cherry nose and a refreshing bubbly palate. Enjoy as an aperitif on ice or on its own on a summer afternoon."

Upon drinking it later on in the evening, it was quite light and easy to drink along with our early Christmas dinner that my family and relatives enjoyed.

So that's 2 bottles down, only 4 to go!

Cherry Tree Hill Wines


  1. Sounds delicious! What was the name of the vineyard in Mittagong you went to? Thanks!

  2. Oo I love moscato too!! Haven't tried this one tho, will def do so, make sure u try the mosto from David Hook wines next time you go Hunter Valley, guarantee ull like it x