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Menya Mappen, NSW


This week my friend and I visited Menya Mappen, a japanese-style cafeteria that is nestled within the Skyview Plaza arcade. This attracts a lot of the student and younger crowds,  as well as being an interesting niche for eating out during lunch and dinner. If you're into doing something a little different and don't mind a bit of self-serve action, then this might be an interesting experience.

Enter through Kent St or George St, either way the place is quite an easy place to get to. The ambience of the place is dramatic yet traditional in style. The walls are simple concrete with pencil marks still visible from what i'd assume was from the constructors that made the shop! With a basic backdrop, the walls have Japanese theatrical posters and gave me a feel of what would be like 1950's Japan from their posters and statues that adorned wall spaces. 

Grab a drink if you like (which was particularly nice as they offer some Asian brand soft drinks amongst western drinks to buy) take an order of which particular soup dish you'd prefer and they give you the soup base and udon or soba noodles.

Other neat treats include the Japanese Onigiri; a savoury rice ball wrapped in seaweed often filled with red bean or fish/poultry meat fillings. It is a popular snack to have in Japan, so next time I'm around I'd love to try them at Menya Mappen.

As for the food we had today, I opted for the Tsukke-Soba since I wasn't too keen on a warm meal on a rather hot afternoon. Served cold, the soba noodles are prepped on the minute I order with the Japanese waitress. She places the noodles into a basket and submerges them in a hot bath of water, only to let them cool down again afterwards. Once served and given a tray, it was time to line up as if it were back in the day of a canteen or high school cafeteria.  Picking up the tray and off towards the condiments, toppings and inevitably, the cashier to tally up whatever I've chosen. 

So basically, it's like creating you own meal for the day and in the end it all adds up. The soup and noodles were about $4, a soft drink costed me $3 and then my eagerness for tempura pieces set me back a few dollars more. All up it was roughly about $13 at the least for the meal, equivalent to any other meals in usual eateries that normally prep it up for you instead. 

I got a little greedy on the toppings and condiments part, grabbing more than I probably should've since I couldn't stomach it all. The toppings are priced individually but are quite varied. I took pieces of tempura battered chicken, bean curd, sweet potato and a ball of vegetables. There are also small tubs of seaweed, kimchi and sauces to accompany you meal (all at a price per tub).

Next time, it's Menya Oden! (A rice/curry joint based on the same concept of it's neighbour, the Menya Mappen.)


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  1. love menya mappen! can never go past the soft boiled egg!