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Pinch and a Punch!

It's the first week of December and I'm already keen for Christmas traditions, good food and company, presents and holidays. Depending on which side of the world you reside in, it's either a winter christmas or a summer christmas. Mine's the latter; but either way, I look forward to having a great festive month.

I was flicking through a cooking magazine during my visitation to my hair dresser (as you do, haha..!) and stumbled upon some awesome recipes that have left me to ponder what I'd try to make during Christmas eve and for my parties.

My Christmas Cooking Wishlist:
NB: Things that I plan on trying out in the kitchen or just eating over the course of this month.

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 Gingerbread Men
HUGE fan of Gingerbread, this would be such an ideal bake for me. I absolutely look forward to having gingerbread men purchased at the shops, so the thought of making my own has always been tempting.

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Egg Nog
I don't really know much of this drink save for the fact it's been used alot in American Christmas movies that I've happened to watch. So, Google says it's a dairy-based drink or custard that can be non-alcoholic or with rum/whisky/alcohol of your choosing. 

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 Christmas Tree Cupcakes 
 After making cupcakes recently (ie: see post on Red Velvet) I've been on a bake mood. Aren't these cute though?

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Christmas Pudding
This is mostly an English affair on Christmas Day. The Christmas Pudding dates back to medieval times and is usually flavoured with dried fruits, sultanas and hints of spices.

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Yuletide Log Cake
The Log Cake is usually something I have every year. It's of European origins and is mostly a chocolate cake in the size of a Yule Log. In French, it's called "Bûche de Noël"

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Pavlova Cake
And Lastly, a hot summers Christmas Day or Boxing Day afternoon would not be complete without a Pavlova Cake for everyone to enjoy with a snag on the barbie. (IE: BBQ) Fresh cream and seasonal fruits adorning a meringue base.

Got any other recommendations for Christmas?

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  1. Awesome pictures! Very Christmassy and really cute confectionery.