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Event: Christmas 2012


Dear TeaThymers, 

Wishing you the most wonderful holiday season during Christmas and that you'll all be having an excellent New Year of 2013!

As you might've noticed in my recent posts, next year shall be a bit of an adventure for me as I move from Australia to the United States.

TeaThymes will still be maintained by Sophie during her stay in Florida and have occasional guest posts from my awesome team of budding Food bloggers! Interested in guest writing?  

Till next time, 

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Trip: QLD 2012 - Grandpere's Garden

Grandpere's Garden Patch

On a recent trip over to the Gold Coast the family and I visited my grandparents for a quick hello over lunch. We said 'Bonjour' to my French grandparents; grandmere et grandpere.

Every time I visited their home there's always something to look forward to food-wise. Grandpere has always been creative and homely in his style of cookery; including the making of his own bread loaves from scratch with his humble bread maker along with growing fruit and vegetables in the backyard.

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Gold Coast Fishermans, QLD


Just a short drive along Main Beach, Queensland near the family fun that is SeaWorld is a short strip of jetties that are open in the earlier hours of the day till mid-afternoon with moored trawlers offering the the chance to buy seafood straight off the boat.

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Trip: USA 2010

And so the countdown dwindles down to a two digit number today - 33 Days!

I remember last May-June it was like 100 something days and now time has flown so quickly I could nearly not believe it. Of course if you're unaware it's a countdown of the days until I leave Sydney, Australia to live overseas next year. (See celebratory post with Sheraton's Feast)

It kinda makes me reminisce about the previous foodie ventures I had taken as a tourist in Los Angeles and around Anaheim in 2010. I hadn't flown by myself before for an overseas long haul which at first made me hesitant to go - but I did end up going and had a ball hanging out with Brian, a friend from Sydney who was living in the States and played tourist guide for me whilst I was there.

Unknowingly to Brian I had smuggled some TimTams and Kettle Chips - the stuff Aussie's dream of when they get junk food withdrawals and these brands aren't easy to find overseas. Least to say, he was pretty darn happy with his stash and they made excellent jenga and stacker blocks to play with.

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Event: #sydfbxmas2012 Picnic

Sydney's Food Bloggers' Xmas Picnic

On Saturday, November 24th a bunch of 99 locals gathered up their wares, rustled up some food and drinks and hurled a picnic rug over the green Centennial Park grass for the annual get-together that has been going on for four years hosted by ChocolateSuze & GrabYourFork

The picnic itself started off at 2PM so MsKFlatWhite and I ventured over into the parklands looking for the big group of people who'd no doubt be sporting tons of delicious treats and the bigger giveaway to finding them - cameras!

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Petaling Street Re-Visit, NSW


The past few weeks I've been within a hibernation mode in regards to going out and eating delicious restaurant standard food. When it was a particularly cold and dreary Sydney weather like this Friday evening, I decided to take shelter inside the Malaysian restaurant off George Street called Petaling Street. 

Pictures are from my Instagram (@sophietthyme) - sorry it ain't the usual formatting that I often use! It's because I only had an iPhone to wield that evening since I hadn't planned on bringing a camera in my bag.

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Feast @ Sheraton, NSW

Much to many of my family and friend's belief - I have something new and exciting going to happen to me next year, which I am so excited to tell you all in this new post!

Tonight was cause for celebration. For what, you might ask?

Well it was after being approved by a face-to-face interview last May amongst many applicants that started it off. I eagerly awaited my chance to being part of this program I've known about for years but always never thought I'd really pursue - the chance to work with Disney in the WDW theme park resorts. I soon got the approval and in the past few months it has been a steady procession of effort towards getting my flights and visa sorted for when I leave Australia.

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Fun Foodie Certificates

Hello TeaThymers,

So this is a little out of the ordinary but as you do over the Internet sometimes you come across something amusing and just can't help but share it to everyone. This is what happened with me - a few nights back I came home from work feeling not up to writing up a my usual full-scale blog reviews and just went online to look at food blogs and recipes instead during my free time at home.

I came across this old blog post which talks about how we often make a deal out of what we eat so meticulously that what we really need to do sometimes is just chill, eat what we like and perhaps indulge every once in a while and they had their own mock up of a "License to Eat" if you wanted to snag one too.

This is a little tongue-in-cheek "Certificate of Appreciation" that I present to you*! Just add your name using an image editor like Photoshop or Paint.

For those with blogs, it'll be a neat little certificate to "hang" amongst your virtual wall to show off amongst all your other awards and certificate displays.

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Catalina, NSW


Ahh, la mer!

I inhale the salty sea breeze and listen to the soft lapping of waves against the shore whilst lazily watching the fancy yachts and ferries to and fro across the sea. Where am I, you ask?

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Dragon Boy, NSW


There seems to be a new trend in our midst when it comes to a "fast food" dining experience and for places like Dragon Boy over in World Square, it comes super-quick in form as a Japanese Noodle Bar with over the counter service.

The concept is simple and it reminds me of those cafeteria scenes you see in the movies where you line up one by one, side by side with tray in hand and place an order.

The way things work for Dragon Boy is like this:

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TeaThyme's Birthday!

On this day last year, I only had just begun to type up my first introductory post on a blog that I've chosen to name as "TeaThymes

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October Happenings

Hello fellow TeaThymers!

Tiding you over with a couple of October happenings whilst I'm on a short break from my regular restaurant reviewing for the time being..

TODAY, 6th October 2012 as I've just discovered the night beforehand last-minute is Adriano Zumbo's "Zumbaron Day" which in all of his stores he has an extended limited menu of assorted zumbo macaron flavours. Check out the fancy and really out there flavours on his site here.

During October Sydney plays hosts to the annual Sydney International Food Festival. It's a festival that is great for everyone including the family as it brings you the opportunity to try new fantastic food from popular restaurants in a makeshift restaurant stall gallery over on Hyde Park for the fun Night Noodle Markets and they offer great workshops and foodie events such as tomorrow (Saturday, 6th October 2012) is the launch of the Grower's Market which shouldn't be missed! Celeb chefs such as Kylie Kwong, Phil Woods and Steve Hodges will be bringing up a fantastic BBQ from the produce of the local stalls.

Check out my last years' adventure to the Night Noodle Markets!

Crave Sydney's Grower's Market

And I'll pass this on to you as well. This was brought to my attention from my fellow blogger friend, MsKFlatWhite and who doesn't want to win a free double pass to deliciousness?

The Taste Food & Words Festival is an inaugural festival which celebrates and discusses food with many Australian Food Writers that will attend on the day. The event presents special initmate opportunities with special guests, Q&A sessions and will be at The Mint on Macquarie Street on October 13th, 2012.

Enter to win double passes!

NB: is not affiliated with Crave International Sydney Food Fest or Taste Food & Wine. These are just my own personal reccommendations for a fantastic week ahead!

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Lantern & Zen Q, NSW


It's particularly hard to sit in my class on a Friday night sometimes. Especially knowing all too well that a Japanese dinner awaits me after the end of the lecture. Luckily, the teacher was pretty smooth in talking about his subjects that night and time felt to drift by quicker than it seemed.

So, it's a Friday night and George Street is abuzz with people who are no doubt out partying the night to begin yet another weekend. Once I was out of the class session I met up for dinner at Lantern by Wagaya and then had dessert in ZenQ with a friend, Miss Dotty

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Win Stuff with Mademoiselle Slimalicious!

Hello TeaThymers!

Just thought I'd share the love here with a couple of active giveaways happening over at fellow Sydney blogger, Madamoiselle Slimalicious! Her blog is amazing and has great posts on how to stay healthy and eco-friendly too.

WIN Tasty Treats with Slim Secret:

WIN Lindt Chocolate Bars:

WIN A Biggest Loser Fitness Pack (Valued at $149): here

What-cha waiting for? I'm entering them too! :)

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Pizza Capers, NSW


It's a lazy day at home and dinner hasn't been sorted as yet. It's raining outside which really warrants us to just stay indoors and do nothing but lounge about and play games and in my case, just do nothing productive. Mr. Tickle is quite the teenager and after a 2 hour bout of playing his latest addiction, League of Legends he declares that he's hungry...

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New Look!

Hello TeaThymers!

There is a slightly different layout on teathyme! I felt like a change in how it looks since it's been a while, what do you reckon? The picture at the top changes when you click on different pages, which I thought was a neat idea.

Today is a day at home Sunday with me watching TV whilst slouching on the couch since I'm not feeling too well and trying to keep me occupied at home rather than go out into the city like I usually am.

Don't forget to connect with me via Twitter or Facebook for post updates!
- Sophie.

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Bottom of the Harbour, NSW

Plus lots of beachy pictures!

Fish and chips, calamari and the fresh salty sea breeze in the air.

That's all one could ask for on a day off work and with that semi-spring weather we've been having - why not take advantage of spending it at a beach?

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Old Vienna Coffee House, NSW

Old Vienna Coffee House
At the Queen Victoria Building

One of my most loved places to hang about within the Sydney CBD is the Queen Victoria Building (aptly nicknamed the QVB to locals and the like) as it has such historical meaning to our city and has the most lovely glass stained windows and stone masonry that still stands to dazzle the tourists whilst it plays home to many different cafes, retail stores and the occasional busker outside looking opposite Town Hall.

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Ton Ton Ramen & Azuma Patisserie, NSW

Ton Ton Ramen & Azuma Patisserie

A couple of days back I had a catch up evening with an old friend from high school I haven't seen for at least 2 years. As we kept each other up to date on our current lives, she introduced me to the Japanese wonders that are Ton Ton Ramen and Azuma Patisserie hidden away from the public eyes within the Regent shopping mall off George Street. 

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Princess Coco, NSW

Princess Coco Chocolaterie

On the 16th of August it was the "soft opening" of Princess Coco, a magnificent Chocolaterie situated on the corners of Day and Liverpool street in the Sydney CBD. I've been fortunate enough to have been invited to their opening that day and got to taste and experience first hand what Princess Coco will be revealing to everyone on it's grand opening week starting August 29th - which is today!

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Taste Baguette & Grill, NSW

Harbour Street (near Darling Quarter)

Today felt like the winter chill was reluctant to breeze over as the sky was a gorgeous blue and the coolness of the city CBD today was way more tolerable and cheerful in comparison to the previous days of ridiculous degrees of cold. It just made me think that we're that much closer to the likes of Spring! (Yayness!)

Walking about Darling Harbour with Little Miss Sunshine and a new alias you probably haven't heard of before but I'll introduce her to you now - *drum roll* the ever pleasant and food-savvy Ms. K FlatWhite

We decided to try out the strip of the restaurants and cafes that overlook the Darling Quarter and it's parkside quarters that include benches, beach chairs and even a playground with a fully functionable water feature for kids to play with.

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Princess Coco (Soon), NSW


I've been gushing over this place for so long now and luckily enough the Princess herself has open her doors today for a sneek peak "soft opening" to test out what it would be like before it's official grand opening towards the public next week, August 29th.

For more on Princess Coco, check them out on their website and get ready to fall in love with my upcoming review of this delightfully pleasing chocolaterie!

À bientôt!

Got Facebook? "Like" TeaThyme for regular updates.

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Ash St. Cellar, NSW


Gosh it's been so darn cold this weekend! I'm wrapping myself up in a pyjama onesie and sitting right next to the heater for better warmth as I type this up with cold hands... Brr! 

Anyways, this week I caught up with my budding photography and food lovin' pals Thom and Vivien who both love to take foodie pics like I do for TeaThyme. Whenever we go out it's like a silly rotation of DSLR's or iPhones taking snaps of what's to eat before we dig in. It's one of those moments where we look as if we were tourists - but really, we just are admirers of all things yummy...

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Blue Plate Bar & Grill, NSW


Valerie and I meandered down Grosvenor's Street in Neutral Bay. Since I get to pick tonight's dinner venue, I thought of Blue Plate and who better than with an American girl who'll happily choose what's good to eat off the menu!

It was a Saturday evening and very last minute, so naturally I was prepared for the whole "sorry, we're fully booked" speech but we were told that they don't have any tables but the bar can still offer us a restaurant menu and drink. Really, it was an okay position as we got to see the barmen do their stuff - flips and turns of margarita cups, the occasional swirl of a sweet looking lychee infused granita drink and then there's the curious homemade lemonade over on the side of the bar which Valerie brought to my attention. We order some lemonade, a cloudy white citrus drink served in a what is a jar with a handle on it - pretty neat!

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Marigold Restaurant turns 30!


Last year we shared the same corner round table for a dinner similar to tonight's outing. Except this time the restaurant is celebrating their 30th Year in the Chinese Restaurant business by offering diners an array of dishes in a special set menu priced at $128 for four people. This special menu is going to be on-going July until December 2012.

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Marvellous Chocolate

A couple of weeks ago I entered and won a giveaway hosted by Cadbury and Sugarpuffi's Sweet Blog which all the delightful winners each receive a purple marvelous apron along with three of their finest newest chocolate blocks:

  • Peanut Toffee Cookie
  • Jelly Crunchie Bits
  • Pop Rock Candy Beanies 
I totally forgot these little parcels of chocolatey goodness were coming my way, so when the postman did arrive and hand it over my curiousity took the better of me and - viola! Chocolate galore!

I've managed to pry all three open and share them along with friends and family. So far, I'm about three-quarters down to the jelly crunchie block, half down of the pop rock candy variety and just started with the peanut toffee. Each flavour is really an interesting, mouth-watering mixture and every bite has a little something besides the traditional milk chocolate.

I think my favourite so far would have to be the jelly crunchie chocolate block as it's got those scattered chewy bites of jelly bits and a crunch to it afterwards.

Thanks goes to Sugarpuffi and her Sweet Blog for hosting the giveaway and for the yummy Cadbury chocolate.

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Campbell Restaurant, NSW


Recently before my class began in the city I met up with my friend Vivien for a late lunch to get a quick feed over at Campbell's Restaurant in Haymarket, Sydney.

The place is just like what I'd imagine a Hong Kong cafe style restaurant could be like. Like many eateries and cafes in Hong Kong most are hidden away from the public's view with a staircase or elevator as your points for access. In this case, Campbell's is on the first floor of a heritage building that's been re-developed on the inside a few years back. Campbell's had moved from it's Sussex street residence to it's new spot overlooking the tramlines and Market City hustle-bustle of passerby's.

We happily choose to sit on one of their burgundy booths and soon find the Chinese-English or more like a "Chinglish" menu that to my relief has both languages to describe what's on offer. Vivien orders the fried rice whilst I have the HK-style baked pork chop with tomato on rice and an Iced Lemon Tea to drink.

For my meal, the baked pork chop is given a huge slathering of this tomato based sauce that's got a hint of dark burning on it's skin. There's some green peas and carrot added to the mix along with the pork chop pieces themselves which where thick and crispy set on a bed of steamed white rice.

There are televisions streaming Chinese TV series dramas and some seated balconies (mostly to cater the smoking customers) and booths that make this a comfortable asian experience for our lunch.

Campbell Restaurant on Urbanspoon

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Princess Coco & New Home Cafe

"... Coming Soon"

I've been keeping a watchful eye on both newcomers Princess Coco near to Day and Bathurst street and the next Home Cafe towards the corner of Liverpool and Dixon Street as their store fronts develop.

This afternoon I went for a short walk-about to see what's up with Princess Coco, hoping that perhaps when they say "Coming Soon in Winter" it'll be sometime soon, but it looks to be still under the development stage with a peek thru the top of the window gap there's a glimmer of a decadent chandelier and ornate finishings for the ceilings.

I really adore the Princess Coco romanticism the branding seems to have and from the looks of it, it'll probably be a Chocolatier or Patisserie with tons of sweets, bon-bons and macarons! My sweet tooth is already aching as it is...

As for Home Cafe, I have the feeling it may likely be similar to the likes of Home Thai owners or the Home Cafe in the QVB (Queen Victoria Building) as they each have the same branding logos. Either way, I'm a fan of Home Thai and look forward to the unveiling of what's to come. 

Have you seen any other "Coming Soon..." establishments around town lately? 
Give me a buzz!

Princess Coco

Home Cafe

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House Party


It's time to party and what better party than a house party in the comfort and company of people who are awesome. Miss Sunshine, the honorable host of this evening's affair gathered a couple of her friends beforehand to get the ball rolling before all of her guests arrived for some tunes, booze and food.

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Ginger & Spice, NSW


For tonight's dinner the family decided we were in dire need of some food with aromatic spices to warm us all up from the dreary, cold and rainy night that this Sydney weather is giving us. It also so happened that my brother aka Mr. Tickle, was craving for their Sambal pork balls that Ginger & Spice usually makes, so the choice of our eating venue was a win-win all around! 

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Parisian Macarons


Ooh La La~!

When I came across this new Paris themed tea-for-one set the other day during one of my recent shopping trips, I couldn't resist doing a little French Patisserie inspired photoshoot. 

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Yamagen, QLD


Here's a gem of a find! Whilst compiling the Gold Coast trip post earlier on, I managed to find my Yamagen shots from one of the evening dinners we had in Queensland.

Yamagen has been an old name for Surfer's Paradise. It's a Japanese teppanyaki restaurant situated inside a hotel that offers it's dining guests the appealing mastery of teppanyaki cuisine.

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Hello TeaThyme readers!

This week has been an interesting one for me. Off-topic from food for a minute, I had the fabulous time of photographing an event and also had to prepare for an exam that was 90% pass or you'd fail. So, that was just extra stress on the shoulders I am happy to be relieved from.

My recent postings included pictures and a recount of my Queensland trip, so check that out if you haven't already done so. Here's a few yummy pictures I snapped upon this afternoon over in Ashfield during lunch and other random recent eat-outs.

via Instagram

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Gold Coast Trip, QLD


It was about this time last year that I took the plane from Sydney over to the Gold Coast for a little R&R as well as visit relatives that live around the beachside, so I was looking forward to just lying about in the sunshine and swim all throughout my stay.

I was going through my pictures last night and thought I'd recount a bit about the things I did, the places I saw and most importantly - the food I ate!

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IKEA @ Homebush Bay, NSW


Wanna know 3 reasons to love the Swedish (39 more if you're so inclined). For one, they are friendly and usually extremely gorgeous people. I envy the swedish blonde hair and blue eyed look so much, as well as their wintry snowfalls. 

Secondly, did you know the awesome fact that they honor foods like waffles, cinnamon rolls and candy with a dedicated day annually? How amazing is that! I'd look forward to Waffle Day... everyday.

Then thirdly... because they created the cheap, practical and stylish furniture giant that we all know as IKEA!

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