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Welcome to TeaThymes! is a food and travel blog based in Sydney, Australia. From here you'll get to see some restaurant reviews, food and travel product reviews and the occasional recipes -all matters of food and drink!


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TeaThyme's graciously receives the above "Cute Blog Award"
From Jenny of Panda & Cakes!

Seeing that TeaThyme is fairly new to the food blogging circle, I'm delighted and appreciative for any awards and invites that anyone sends my way. So thank you, and I hope you'll all continue to enjoy my posts here on TeaThyme!

If you happen to think TeaThyme is worthy of any awards, invitations and such feel free to Contact Me via Contact Page!

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Nonya Malaysian Cuisine, NSW

NONYA By Ginger & Spice 
Malaysian Cuisine Restaurant

Update: As of March 2012,  I've been told that Nonya has developed a name change, removing "Ginger & Spice" as they are no longer affiliated and will probably change menu.

This means the below review may or may not be relevant to the restaurant's newly acquired menu after March 2012.

Malaysian cuisine seems to be hitting up Sydney's Chinatown district as of late and this includes the newly opened Nonya located within the corners of Dixon & Goulburn Street on the first floor of the shopping plaza.

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Happy Aussie Day! 2012


Hi Readers! Happy Australia Day if you're a true blue like I am!
This post doesn't have much inspiration/photography unfortunately, as my Aussie Day has been very much an ordinary day instead of a lazy, aussie BBQ-style public holiday occasion since I had to work for about 10 hours! 

So needless to say post-work, I'm very happy to just sit back and watch tv whilst sippin' on Lady Earl Grey tea and munching on dried figs too... So not aussie, haha!

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Petaling Street, NSW


Named after a bustling market slash hawker type street in Malaysia, this Australian-based restaurant  has various stores already propped in Melbourne. After countless days watching the "Under Construction" outlet turn into one of their signature hawker-style Malaysian cuisine restaurants borne Petaling Street for Sydney.  I decidedly wanted to check things out for myself.

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Happy CNY! 2012

Kung Hei Fat Choy! 
Year of the Dragon 2012

So this is it - today marks the new moon in an asian calendar festivities of the Chinese New Year begins!

This year of the dragon will be a rather fortunate one; as the symbolism of the mighty dragon is highly respected, powerful and lucky to the Chinese community. 

In fact, I've read in an article this morning that some Chinese parents are pushing the idea of having their children become married this year because it's so special. That's not all, I'd suspect they'd then push their children for the prospect of Year of the Dragon grandchildren! So, how about having the little ones being born as children of the year of the dragon? 

But most of all for the celebrations of the CNY, it all goes down to some good food shared with friends and family to bless ourselves on good wealth, joy and to be healthy for the new year. 

If you celebrate it, what will you be having to eat?
For me, I'm hitting Chinatown in the CBD to check out the Food Fair and Lion Dancing!

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I'm Back!


In my previous posting I told my TeaThyme readers that I wouldn't be active for a while. That is because I vacationed overseas to Singapore, Malaysia and Phuket, Thailand in under a week which meant time was precious and of course it flew past ever so quickly.

During my time I spent over there I learned and experienced so many new things, which is what I enjoy most doing during my time away. Although I did feel like a tourist most days, whenever I discovered different hawker-style food stalls it made me think of my beloved TeaThyme and all the potential new pictures to put into posts for when I was back home.

So in a while, there will be a few blog posts that hail from my Singapore, Malaysia and Phuket food discoveries along with some of my latest Sydney foodie postings.

I've made TeaThyme a new header banner this week as well for a change of things. Hope you like it as much as I do!
It's great to be back in action!

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