I'm Back!

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In my previous posting I told my TeaThyme readers that I wouldn't be active for a while. That is because I vacationed overseas to Singapore, Malaysia and Phuket, Thailand in under a week which meant time was precious and of course it flew past ever so quickly.

During my time I spent over there I learned and experienced so many new things, which is what I enjoy most doing during my time away. Although I did feel like a tourist most days, whenever I discovered different hawker-style food stalls it made me think of my beloved TeaThyme and all the potential new pictures to put into posts for when I was back home.

So in a while, there will be a few blog posts that hail from my Singapore, Malaysia and Phuket food discoveries along with some of my latest Sydney foodie postings.

I've made TeaThyme a new header banner this week as well for a change of things. Hope you like it as much as I do!
It's great to be back in action!

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Welcome back Sophie! :D Look forward to reading more about your adventures :)


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