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Meet Fresh, NSW


Nope, that isn't any typo of the sort... for what seems like a lost in translation-type name, Meet Fresh is a Taiwanese dessert place that brings more than just the usual Taiwanese bubble tea drinks but more refined beverages and desserts that are so unknown to Australians.

Taiwanese owners Mr & Mrs. Fu are the brand's humble faces that greet you, their elder faces always smiling towards their customers. Their motto is simple, Meet Fresh aims to provide desserts that are 'freshly made, cooked and served' as well as being the most wholesome or healthiest that a dessert can become.

The first store is situated along the corners of Dixon & Goulburn Street, a two level establishment that always seems to carry a long queue for the sweet traditional products. Nowadays however they've branched out to suburbs such as Hurstville, Chatswood, Eastwood and most recently up the road to George Street, opposite the World Square shopping centre. 

The places are often dressed with chinese calligraphy scrawled delicately onto the walls along with pictures of the desserts. Entering the shop you shall ponder on what to order. Herbal (Grass) Jelly, Tapioca balls and Taro glutinous rice balls are the staple to the Meet Fresh menu. These ingredients are amongst other seasonal fruits, milk, ice and barley. Served hot or cold, most of the dishes are a refreshing way to finish off a night out of town as they close as late as 1AM on some nights.

Tonight I tried the Signature Dish #1 under the Herbal Jelly category that is a chilling sweet ice mixture, herbal jelly (also known to be bitter, healthy and otherwise named as grass jelly) and the chewy yellow and beige taro dumplings. Drizzle some milk provided and eat up me hearties!

The mountain milk teas are quite a wonderful milky tea to sip on, it's not too overly sweet and still retains a perfect tea flavour. We added some tapioca pearls and herbal jelly to our drinks, using a bigger straw to drink up the jellies. The tapioca pearls were great tonight as they were soft and not too over cooked - if the pearls are stiff and really chewy, this means it's not as freshly made and they've hardened up a little.

Although a dine-in experience is quite nice to try, another plus to this place is that they do awesome take-away options for most or all of their products, with good packaging that's been well thought of: they have individually prepped spoons, napkins and plastic containers specifically sized and re-sealable for when you can't help but take a peek at what's inside. 

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