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Petaling Street, NSW


Named after a bustling market slash hawker type street in Malaysia, this Australian-based restaurant  has various stores already propped in Melbourne. After countless days watching the "Under Construction" outlet turn into one of their signature hawker-style Malaysian cuisine restaurants borne Petaling Street for Sydney.  I decidedly wanted to check things out for myself.

There are two levels to this establishment - the first being kitchen and seated areas. The second is a mini-maze of stairs descending down to the bellows; a lesser known area for more group seating catering for the bigger, hungrier crowds. The restaurant is brandished with it's logo everywhere and with the colour orange and a dark crimson. The tables are wooden with each having canisters for self-serving of culinary amenities such as the bright orange chopsticks, spoons and forks.

If you are an adventurous eater this could mean your in for a treat upon deciding what to order. The menu is huge on different curries, sambal, rice and noodles soups along with many popular Malay and Singaporean dishes such as the Laksa and Nasi Lemak. A dedicated Dessert menu of sweets such as ice-creams, waffles, pancakes and creamy exotic lattes is also available and looked ever so enticing as well.

The first thing that caught my eye off the menu for a main was the Petaling Street's own signature dish of short rice noodles mixed together with minced beef and shallots served in a claypot for added warmth. When it came onto the table I was a bit taken aback by it's appearance, because I must admit the noodles are shaped a little bit like worms! These slippery suckers were just rice noodles though, and were quite alright to munch on.

Our Hainanese chicken came afterwards, served with a side of broth and chicken flavoured rice. The chicken pieces themselves were average, not as smooth and refined in comparison to other Hainanese chicken I've had previously at different places. The seafood laksa however was a more pleasing dish and to me it's one of my favourites from the Malaysian cuisine. The soup base had hints of coconut and spices as it should be and gave the most welcoming aroma as it settled on the table. Served with two types of noodles, the various ingredients of seafood such as crab meat, calamari, prawn and tofu bite-sized bits.

For an afternoon session the place wasn't too overly busy for a Thursday. Although the kitchen still clamoured with chefs eagerly chopping up pork trotters on their chopping boards (which with each loud bang it echoed for all within the vicinity to hear and feel the vibrations on the floor).

 Usually I often peer over my shoulders to check out who's ordering what around me. This time it was a rather aromatic Char Kway Theow dish that had caught my attention... which is what led me to eavesdrop in the first place - a good smell of stir fried noodle goodness wafting my way.

Overall based on my feed today, i'd say that portion and price seem to add up well. The taste factor didn't lack too much but on some dishes I had felt there were a few things missed. The waiting times weren't a hassle either considering its a new venture for Sydneysiders to try!

To cool us off we each had Ice Lemon Teh (tea) for drinks. The drinks menu is also quite interesting as it offers you plenty of different asian beverage choices to choose from. If I hadn't ordered the Laksa during this sitting, I'd think of trying their exotic lattes since I am a fan of milky tea and coffee mixtures but the Ice Teh did a good job in keeping me refreshed during a hot afternoon anyway. 


  1. Such a big menu here - I'm looking forward to trying a few more items, including the char kway teo :)

  2. hoping to visit this place eventually but i've heard mixed reviews.