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Adriano Zumbo, NSW: Zumbarons!


I can't help but revert to my much younger self whenever I'm around sweet AND cute little dessert places like Adriano Zumbo's. The dessert sushi train was closed yet again in the afternoon but this time I've dully noted their trading hours for the next visit! So instead we opted for some of their creative flavoured zumbarons - which are macarons zumbo style - as a treat for later on this evening.

On the pâtissier side of the store, the kitchen is a stainless steel workshop of baking cakes, pastries, quiches and the bright little macarons. The time we went wasn't too overcrowded and within a period where the zumbo staff were creating fresh Zumbarons ready to be cheerfully eaten by moi. 

I was rather disappointed that some of the flavours weren't available for purchase when I was there because they do seem ambitious with ingredients - in particular the sweet corn with hints of mango and orange, the caramelized pumpkin seed and lychee, all were sold out! 

Either way, I came home with four interesting flavours: a lime and mint mojito, watermelon, coca cola and the tonka bean with passionfruit zumbarons.

I opened the box to stuff my face taste test each little zumbaron. I tried them all out and found the texture of the zumbarons quite interesting as I've never really eaten a macaroon before. The crispy shells are quick to break apart in a bite and their soft, chewy mousse-like center are delicate and sweet in flavour.

With a good cuppa of ye old Lady Grey, my favourite turned out to be the watermelon and tonka bean with passionfruit as they produced the most punchiest of flavours in my mouth that made me wish I had bought more of them! 

Adriano Zumbo Pâttisier

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