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Asia Trip 2012: Part I

 Part I

So here it is - the eve before my departure for our January 2012 vacation for about a week. At the very last hours before arriving to the T2 terminal of International Departures, it's a pretty hectic scramble of check listing to make sure everything is in the bags. My cat seems to want in on some holiday action and sits her fluffy butt onto our zipped-up cases, only to make us feel even more guilty for leaving her at home.

Arising early for a midday flight towards Singapore, we take the time to check ourselves in and walk about the terminal before boarding. We had a bite to eat at the food court - for me, I had a sugar rush of Krispy Kreme's Original Glaze donut and their Caramel Latte. It is always a lovely thing to sit around the windows as I like count how many plane tail logo's I can recognize. 

For a lengthly, image-heavy recount read more after the jump!

Getting to Singapore from Sydney is a mighty eight hour flight with slight turbulence all throughout. Turbulence scares me so much, I just have to grip my seat and glue my focus onto the television screen until it passes by.

Arriving, we venture out into the open to find a taxi that'll roam towards our Singaporean hotel of choice situated on Orchard Road.

For dinner that evening we took a walk out into the Orchard Road, a long street packed with many shopping malls that hold big brand names and department stores like the Takashimaya. Beneath the giant shop in the basement area is a rather broad food court that we were recommended from our taxi driver. The Food Village at Takashimaya!

The basement is split into sections: retail shops and a food court of different arrays of cuisines, a section of food merchandising and then off to the end is a big grocery store. We had a wonderful spicy curry chicken with an soft boiled egg and rice as well as a Singaporean laksa which was tasty and so temperature hot it was well worth it!

The distinct smell of Durian lead us to the Four Seasons Durian counter where the staff are preparing made to order Durian filled pancakes and mochi balls. For those who don't know what Durian is, it's often compared to a custard apple for it's texture and creaminess but has a really, really bad odour!

For a first time experience on Durian eating, we each got ourselves a Durian filled pancake. I thought the fruit filling tasted OK but it left the Durian flavour/smell to my breath thereafter which was a major annoyance to myself and I just wanted to get rid of it by downing some drinks.


Our wake up call rings shrilly in my hotel room at 6:30AM and I take it - only to be greeted by concierge staff to politely wake me up. Then off to a buffet-style breakfast spread before a busy day.

Hot plates of bacon, eggs and baked beans, pancakes, cereals, fruits and to cater for the easterners; the plethora of asian cuisines of rice, congee, dumplings and dahl. The only downside that morning was that the majority of the "hot" meals weren't very hot for long, which disappointed me. 

For sightseeing today, we were part of a tour that shuttled us off towards the Singapore Flyer - one of Singapore's famed iconic sightseeing landmarks that overlooks the architecturally picturesque city.

With postcard-like snapshots of surroundings and the token tourist-y pictures of myself down pat; I was satisfied to hit our next destination: Singapore's own Chinatown district.

The Chinatown district seems to be a little more vast than Sydney's, with a wonderful looking temple that was adorned with lots of red lanterns and in the local nearby streets, street vendors start to open for business at about 10AM.

In the Chinatown Complex that's within walking distance of the temple is a local food court and market. A cheap feed of different meals that all seemed so tempting. Lots of people were seated with dishes of congees, rice and vegetables as well as pieces of poultry such as the drippingly shiny ducks that hang in the windows. For us, we grabbed a soy milk and some soy sauce-drenched eggs to go. 

And then to retire for this day, we headed onto our first port of call: 
A cruise ship!

To be continued...

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