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Asia Trip 2012: Part II


So here's what happened in Part I: Flew to Singapore, glorious food finds on Orchard Road and spectacular sightseeing from the Singapore Flyer.

All Aboard!
For a lengthly and image-heavy recount read more after the jump!

By midday on our second day in Singapore we boarded our cruise liner, the Royal Caribbean's Legend of the Seas. I was in awe at the ship and so excited to start off my cruise since I've never ever stepped foot onto such a grand cruise liner. 

The first few hours were spent checking out all the ships' facilities and decks before the mandatory evacuation drill that they do prior to setting sail away from Singapore. Upon immigrating to the cruise liner, we were assigned a "passport key" which ends up being your stateroom key, identity card and the card to use for purchasing merchandise, as it all ends up towards your room/bill. This also told us where to go for evac at what station and boat we'd be on if the need arised (which didn't, thank goodness. I had came back home only to watch the news of the Costa Concordia, which is so very unfortunate..)

So for eating day to night onboard, for me it was an experience of buffet-style lunching, poolside relaxation and then a dine-in for dinner at their two-levelled restaurant, the Romeo & Juliet (R&J) rooms. Each day during my stay on the boat we held dinner and breakfast at the R&J room which hosted elegant tables and chairs, rose patterned carpets, a grand staircase and piano. The menu changes each day, offering us the chance to try different things all the time with dedicated waiter service. 

The dishes pictured above include my slow roasted prime rib with a baked potato and horseradish au jus, my relative's caramelized onion quiche for an entree followed by the pan seared salmon with baby bok choy, and my dessert of a chocolate cherry mudcake with Kirsch cream.

Seeing as I was on a ship with food being all inclusive in the costs of the trip, I ordered stuff like crazy  - plenty of seconds, two lobster bisques on one night and plenty of cakes to were be had!


Arriving to Port Klang, Kuala Lumpur with ease the next morning, we're shuttled off towards a fruit orchard and heritage park that is open to tourists. The place is off towards Putrajaya and offers tours of their land on different produce that they've grown. Also, there's an open air kitchen set up for visitors to try out their meals which have ingredients from their produce, to be eaten in a courtyard.

The best part in our little fruit adventure was finding huge amounts of jackfruits dangling precariously off it's branches, little pineapples just blooming out of the earth and the longan fruit trees which are native to southeast asia. The longans produce such sweetness and juice, coming from me who may or may not have sneaked one into my mouth... tra la la la...!!!~

From Port Klang where the ship was docked, it is about an hour and half's way to the inner city of KL. Once in the city, we happened to visit a chocolate factory outlet which had an amazing amount of different chocolates in dark, milk and white varieties. I took home their dried mango in milk chocolate, white chocolate with coconut and durian in milk chocolate products because they tasted so good.

Then it was a quick dash on over to a tourist hotspot to view the twin towers before checking out the Pavilion Shopping Centre for a little R&R - Relax and Retail. This shopping centre itself is a newly established centre that held so many cool, unknown retail stores that us Aussies don't have. Chinese New Year decorations were a full on affair at Pavilion, with a chinese dragon that scaled up all the levels of the shopping centre.

Something I tend to notice was that Singapore and KL had alot of American chain food stores around like Wendy's, T.G.I Fridays and Carl's Jr and even the occasional Starbucks and Cha Time. But for a refreshment break we strayed off those big names and headed into a cafe/restaurant called Michaelangelo's a rustic Italian restaurant for some iced coffees before we leave for out boat.

Being that the weather was pretty humid that day, the iced coffees worked a treat in cooling us off. The coffee was strong and icy; just the perfect pick-me-up that was needed after walking around.

Then, it was a tourist round-up back on over to the boat for yet another days worth of cruising to our next and last port of call before heading back to Singapore.

To be continued...

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