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Asia Trip 2012: Part III

Part III

So here's what happened in Part II: Left Singapore's land for the boarding of a cruise ship, Legend of the Seas, arrived to Port Klang in KL, visited a fruit orchard and tasted some sweets before a gigantic Chinese New Year-themed shopping gallery took our focus. 

sa wat dee kha!
For a lengthly and image-heavy recount of my trip, read after the jump!

The next day around midday our cruise liner anchored off shore near to Phuket, Thailand. The day was brimming with blue sky and sun, people were like vaguely detailed polkadots on the sand, just a mile away from our cruise liner that couldn't fit off Phuket's main ports. 

To go onto shore we needed to be ferried by a smaller boat. At the beginning, they used a tender - aka the life boats that they have on the side of the ship to carry about 150 passengers to and fro. To our right, we see this massively impressive yacht boat with jetskiiers that keep on running past our boats as if to tease us with their playthings.

The air is hot and dry, with only sunglasses to yield the sunrays from our eyes, we took shelter quite quicky on our tour bus that chugged up a steep hill (and sounded like it would've caked it at any moment too) towards our first sight-see spot for the day - an animal safari park.

A part of me is entertained by the fact that there's pretty exotic elephants, monkeys and other local species at our leisure for visiting but the other part of me is thinking of all the previous Youtube videos and articles on animals being kept for things like these in foreign countries for tourist like me to gawk at.

Being an animal lover, I was a little hesitant in the fact that the tour group included this little trip as my thoughts were along the lines of: "Oh god, what have these animals endured all the years of their living? Would there be animal cruelty involved?" and although I was kinda stuck there with a group, I just went with the flow of people that rode on elephants and watched the elephant and monkey shows in hope that maybe, possibly, the staff and company have *some* type of humane system in keeping their animals... here's to hoping, anyway the animals were a delightful bunch that often produced wonderful snaps for my camera.

Despite my inner-queries, it was a fun day. The elephant ride was first on our agenda - a stumpy, up-down-bopping trek around the park's facility with a guy that sat barefooted in behind his ears and all through-out the trek he would talk with his fellow workers who were also riding other elephants amongst us casually. The elephant harrumphed for air a couple of times which made me feel guilty as perhaps we were a bit too heavy for him; but he seemed pleased to receive a banana for all his work in the end by his caretaker.

Then we met the monkeys, all of which are known to be a playful bunch that are highly hyperactive, curious and mischievous towards their onlookers. This particular monkey was my favourite because of his color of his coat - a soft creme-beige with a striking black face. A different tourist from another group gave him a banana but he seemed too distracted by the tempting apple from another hand.

Miss Ambitious Sam-lee

Then a monkey show starring the ambitious Sam, who happens to be a talented one. She could climb up to demonstrate taking off coconuts from a tree then scramble back down to do a awe-inducing tightrope act.

The elephant show was our second featured event. Starring two asian elephants, the dynamic duo did stunts and choreographed routines of basketballing, darts and even the occasional Thai Elephant Massage. (volunteers needed!) all the while, the background music consisted of lady gaga, bruno mars and the MC of the show who had a pitchy, well-maintained Thai-English accent for the show.

Afterwards we were briskly shuttled off towards a cashew nut factory outlet that manufactures various cashewnuts with different added flavours like wasabi, chilli, garlic, honey or roasted nuts. The most unusual was the cashew nut juice to drink!

Then it was off to a local city strip to have our first meal over in Phuket. We had an organized banquet which had fresh seafood, an assortment of chinese dishes (to cater for our HK-based group) and the Thai tom-yum-goong which was my favourite from it all.

This ends the interesting ports of call as the cruise then ventures back the next day for Singapore, leaving us to stay upon the cruise liner for one whole day of relaxation. We spent our time swimming, eating, rock climbing and checking out the other facilities that we'd not seen before. Lots of parties, theatrical shows and live music would play through-out our time spent on the boat.

The cruise had a few farewell parties including our singing wait staff at the lovely R&J (romeo and juliet dining room) to bid us a farewell and thank you for dining with them. It was a spectacular, entertaining show over in the theatre as well with dancers performing a jazz-swing band extravaganza before they said their byes aswell. Then finally to hit off the last night on board, the Poolside party began until late. Lots of pop music, dance and YMCA's were to be had.

Arriving back to Singapore the next morning, we had to pack our things and ready ourselves for a half-day over to Universal Studios in Sentosa Island before returning to the Changi Airport for Sydney.

Our favourites undoubtedly were the attractions of Transformers in 3D which takes you on a massively fast paced ride that has unexpected drops and high-packed 3D action of the Autobots against the Decepticons. Then it was the Battlestar Galactica rollercoasters that I couldn't dare try cause I'm too chicken.

This concludes our massively exciting asian trip from Singapore, KL and Thailand. It's been a fantastic journey and I hope to visit these asian countries sometime soon once more for their food, customs and to embrace different journeys.

Thanks for reading!

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