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CNY: 2012 Celebrations

CNY Celebrations

I did quite a few things over the past few nights - on Sunday, the 29th I watched the CNY Twilight Parade  float on by sussex street, had some deee-licious Passionflower ice cream after that parade and then on Monday, the 30th I attended a CNY banquet dinner held in The Eight Modern Chinese @ Market City.


I didn't intentionally want to see the parade at first, it was a "well since I'm here" kind of deal. I was seeing a friend within Surry Hills that evening and was making my way back home when I foolishly took a route via Chinatown and was quick to discover that a huge crowd of people were weaving their way across Sussex street in anticipation for the parade's beginnings! Road block ahoy!

Since I couldn't budge, I thought heck, may as well stand back and watch the festivities. I'm glad I did. There were quite a few good floats and performers as well as a great vibe and spirit for everyone.

The usual beat of the drums and the traditional fanfare of dragon dancing was key to the parade; tons of people in costumery and make-up with props were to be seen and lots of "Kung Hey Fat Choi's" were spoken out loud. 

My favourites were the Dragon dancers, the marching bands (the police one towards the end too) and the chinese bowl and bamboo basket dragon that turned out to play a good tune as well as looking pretty creative. 


After watching the parade I met up with some friends who also came out to watch the parade. We decided to head on over to Passionflower over in Capitol Square for a sweet touch before heading home.

We each had a wafer basket of different flavours; I ate the Thai Milk Tea (1 scoop - $7 Dine - $5 T/A) which was a milky, strong tea flavoured ice cream that I really often buy from their shop. Then there also was Black Sesame, Coconut & Durian on our table. Each one smooth and rich in flavours.

Random thoughts: 
1.) Doesn't the red dragon remind you of a Pokemon? 
2.) I thought it was quite a neat idea that they "stick" the wafer baskets' bottoms onto our plates using a dabble of honey. It sure does the trick!


On Monday we wandered over towards the Eight Modern Chinese Restaurant for a private function dinner to celebrate the CNY. 

To start off we find our table amongst many as there is a whole lot of people - about say 200 or so, each on round tables in groups of 12. A stage is propped up on the end of the restaurant that hosted performances of dragon dancers, traditional and karaoke singers as well as a huge raffle draw and lots of drawled speeches from esteemed guests - notably there was a 98 year old lady attending the night for her birthday which was amazing!

Suffice to say, the dishes were aplenty! The banquet of the Eight was served quite orderly in sync with each table, their servings generous and glistening with sauces and oils. For food there was the usual house soup of the night followed by several servings of dishes that include fish, noodles, snow peas, pork, chicken, duck, mushrooms to name a few.

Most ingredients within our banquet are symbolic for many things, for example the Chinese believe that if you eat these ingredients such as noodles for CNY it will bless you with longevity in life, snow peas for unity and pork is symbolic for strength and wealth.

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