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Dragonboat Chinese, NSW


This early afternoon we ventured across the Darling Harbour on a wondrous lazy Tuesday to the Dragonboat Chinese Restaurant located on the second level of Harbourside Plaza. With gorgeous harbourside views of the city, vibrant rays of sunshine and blue skies it seemed almost a shame to duck into the restaurant on such a rare February "summer weather" but the Dragonboat was an ideal short retreat away to have something to nibble on as the boats drift by.

Unlike other Chinese restaurants (ie: Marigold) that cater yumcha, Dragonboat doesn't cater by trolley carts - boo!! Which by the way, is usually one of my personal faves towards the whole "yum cha experience" as I love to watch the different carts circle around the tables, pushed by the staff who'll eagerly speak Chinese at first, then realize I can't understand them and resort to English or "chinglish" for asking whether I'd like this or that.

But alas, this was a more sophisticated affair! Waiters happily order and serve the baskets for you instead off a pictured menu list. 

pork, scallop dumplings, shallot pancakes, spinach and chives

Since it was within the hours of the usual yumcha trade, we decided to have a few baskets made to order: a plate of pork ribs marinated in black bean sauce, a couple of gow gees, shallot pancakes and scallop dumplings chosen from their menu.

shallot pancakes

Everything came after one another with ease, the pork ribs were a sticky sweet honey-black bean coated morsel of meat that went down well piece by piece. The shallot pancakes was something I hadn't really eaten before for yum cha and I was quite content on trying something new. Probably my favourite from our little collection of yum cha treats of the day was the scallop dumplings, soft translucent wrappings of scallops that were eaten much too quickly by yours truly.

The above is this chewy deep fried football shaped piece that I usually grab off the carts when I see them. Being too ABC (Australian Born Chinese) I unfortunately don't know what their name is as yet - usually because at times I don't have to do the ordering when there's someone around me who'll communicate back in Chinese to the staff. But anyway, they're crunchy, munchy casings often have mushroom or pork that is just oh so gooey inside.

Know the name to these footballers? Tell me below! :)

Dragonboat Chinese Restaurant

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