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Kuaizi, NSW


Kuaizi is a new establishment off Sussex street that's been open for a couple of months now. I've been wanting to try this place out especially because I've heard of their menu being a blend of Modern Fusion - the mix of different cuisines placed together nicely along with their High Tea sets for lunch time.

When I first set eyes on Kuaizi it was like a toned down Alice in Wonderland tea party coming to life and all that was needed was the crazy Mad Hatter and March Hare for hosts. They have an exquisite decor of mix and matched chairs in vibrant colours of different textures and styles, the asian influences of chinese art on their walls and the eloquence of having a high tea menu are just some of the ways that this place makes you ponder as to why a raven is like a writers desk?

Alice in Wonderland references aside, I was meeting up with my parents at the time and although we were too late to have their high tea set menu, we opted for their lunch menu of a main meal for $11.80.

Sitting on these awesome blue and green chairs (which I wanted to take home so badly) and enjoying abit of Norah Jones that was playing in the restaurant, we ordered the fried rice along with a lamb shank and their steak.

For my mum, or as I like to nickname her as, Miss Helpful it was the steak served with a vinaigrette, mash potatoes and salad. 

For my Dad, or as he's known on TeaThyme, Mr Chatterbox ordered the fried rice and seemed to be OK with it.

I ordered the lamb shank with a deep crimson gravy sauce, a dollop of mash and the melt-off-the-bone shank that went down well for me.

For dessert I decided on trying out their dark chocolate tiramisu. It had just enough cream, hints of dark chocolate and a coffee drenched savoyard biscuit at the bottom of the glass.

Kuaizi Modern Fusion Restaurant

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