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Kura Kura Restaurant, NSW


After seeing Figs & Brie's post of the Kura Kura Japanese Restaurant earlier on I'd been wanting to try this place out myself.

Kura Kura is situated in Haymarket on Ultimo Road and has since replaced what used to be a Chinese restaurant named House of Guangzhou - a place that I've grown up as a teenager knowing it's existance but always passing by, never in my mind thinking of visiting it. 

The first floor is casual with lots of lounge tables and tons of window lighting - perfect for us to have lunch and overlook the busy Chinatown district of Haymarket city across the street. The menu is appealing - several lunch boxes, a la carte and lunch deals that are flexible. For example, I ordered a main meal at around $10 and an additional $5 for two side dishes of my choice. 

Miss Sunshine accompanied me today for our weekly girlish catch-up. I chose a Japanese-style curry rice with crumbed chicken amongst my two sides of choice: agedashi tofu and edamame beans. Miss Sunshine orders her favourite soft shell crab and sides orders of seaweed salad and salmon sashimi.

As for my main dish, there is an abundance of steamed white rice, red pickled ginger and then the slices of crumbed chicken pieces amongst the pool of Japanese curry.

The edamame beans were overly seasoned with sea salt to my liking but props to the Kura kitchen for making them still hot as I find some places do serve it cold yet I seem to prefer them warmed up. I also really did enjoy the agedashi tofu that was laced with bonito flakes, a light soy sauce and the batter on the outside of the tofu seemed to part away quite easily without extra effort.

Miss Sunshine's soft shell crab was a generous serving and had great presentation out of all of dishes we ate. Served on some salad and dressed with a Japanese mayonnaise, the crispy soft shell crab pieces were lined up on top and she seemed really content with her main meal. Then her second favourite, the side order of the seaweed salad had arrived. She went through that salad so fast! I managed to get a taste of it, though. Her salmon sashimi proved to be fresh as well.

Kura Kura is a sibling establishment to the Kura I storefront situated on the ground level, offering plenty more seating and room to breathe whilst you chow down on sushi plates, udon noodles and assorted bento boxes for lunch or dinner.

Kura Kura Restaurant

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