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Rice Paper, NSW


It was a rather spontaneous decision for yesterday's dinner outing to Rice Paper, a Vietnamese restaurant situated amongst the many other rival restaurants and cafes on the long King Street road over in Newtown.  

 Summer Rolls

Feeling a tad peckish and in need of a quick dinner, we order the summer rolls that holds freshly rolled prawn, pork and vermicelli noodles all tucked into it's rice paper wrappings with the peanut sauce for a quick dip and dunk. 

And then for another plate of rolls we opted for the Nha Trang roll that was similar to the summer rolls save for the grilled pork pieces on top of the rolls. It was kind of a disappointment on my part as I had imagined it to have been something different in comparison to the Summer rolls. Nevertheless, it still was delectable!

Nha Trang Rolls

Lemongrass Pork

The lemongrass pork was great to eat; the tangy fish sauce was tossed in and mixed all together by us and the lemongrass flavour kicks in. Peanuts and the raw veggies give the added crunchiness and the freshness of the ingredients were really savoured; a salad mixture of beansprouts, carrots and lettuce as well as the steamed rice vermicelli noodles underneath make a simple yet comforting dish.

I think next time I'll have to try out the Pho soup noodles!

Rice Paper
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