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Sophie's Birthday 2012


So it was my birthday!

This afternoon my family got together and sang the usual "Happy Birthday!" to me whilst presenting a plate of chocolate profiteroles and freshly cut strawberries that we all had a share of after I blew out my birthday candle. 

In the eve I had prepared myself for a birthday party outing in the city with a group of friends. For a starting point I decided to meet everyone for drinks and nibbles at Surry Hills' The Beresford Hotel on Bourke Street. The Beresford is owned by the Merivale who are a company that have a string of many nightclubs, bars and restaurants added to their name. The Beresford turned out to be a cool scene, from 7PM the bars were buzzing with conversation and overflowing with music and people.

I had a table set and awaited for my friends to arrive. They filtered in and showered me with hugs, presents and great company in The Beresford courtyard and bar area. Pity I didn't pause to take pictures of the food and place, but we did have quite a few things to munch on - marinated olives, five gooey cheese and rice arancini balls, pizza and fries - so that kept me occupied.

A couple hours later we decided to venture forth elsewhere and landed upon The Commons Local Eating House on Burton Street. This local eating house boasts great ambience and quality food. The ground level is served as a restaurant whilst the basement level is a more secluded, jazzed up Downtown Bar that has amazing aperitifs and cocktails.

Whilst waiting for a dining table upstairs we meander down the steps to Downtown Bar for pre-dinner drinks. On our table was Pisco Punch, Pennicillin and a Whisky Sour. All of which delicious alcoholic concoctions that each had their own signature attributes. For myself, I had the Pisco Punch drink because I'm more than often interested in fruity, citrus flavours. The Pisco Punch had hints of cinnamon, pineapple and orange flavours served chilled.

Cheese Plate 

Then we had our table upstairs at the commons dining room. A communal-style bench and table, it seated our group perfectly. We order a cheese share plate that is garnished dried figs, apples, dried apricots and with slices of cheeses such as brie and blue vein to slather onto our warmed toasted raisin bread.

Porterhouse Steak

I order their Porterhouse Steak for a main course, the meat firm and juicy with a dollop of buttered goodness seeping through the meat and plate. The salad and sliced pan-fried potatoes with onion rings were served on the side.

 Grilled Ocean Trout

Homemade pasta

Other main courses on the table included a pork and veal tureen with toasted bread, the grilled ocean trout alongside some salad and toasted almond slivers, then a homely pasta dish of walnut, feta and zucchini. 

The Commons Local Eating House
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