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Sushi Train, NSW


Oh joyous days! Haven't the previous days been such enjoyable ones, weather-wise? I am absolutely adoring the blue skies and less rain and not too fussed that there's not too much of chilly weather as yet. Although come rain fall I am ready with umbrella and my newly acquired gumboots!

For lunch I met up with some friends over at the Sushi Train in Cremorne. Part of the Sushi train chain that is very vast, it's sushi train restaurants span over the ACT, NSW, QLD and NZ. 

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Happy Lemon, NSW


What's fruity, yellow and zings with happiness? A Happy Lemon, of course!
*insert cricket chirps*

... and that is why I don't do jokes people! I can't!
But you get the drift, right? *coughs*
Ahem, moving on...

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Parkside Restaurant, NSW

@ the Menzies Hotel

The Menzies Hotel has been one of Sydney's most historical and well-known hotels within the CBD that dates back to the late 1960's and if you're a movie buff like I am then did you know that the Menzies have taken star roles in a movie like Superman Returns as a location shot? 

Apart from Menzies having a five second shot of fame in films the hotel is rich in luxury as well as history, being named after one of Australia's best pioneering hoteliers Sir Archibald Menzies. On the first floor resides the restaurant and function room amenities - the hotel's own fine dining restaurant which has previously been a well-sought out rooms such as The Emperor Room which was known to have a retractable ice rink for ice skaters to perform amongst diners. Then there's the Keisan which is a milestone in it's own right - the one and only Japanese restaurant within a hotel during the 60s and was the talk of the town for sharing its progressive post war attitudes. 

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Home Thai, NSW


Home thai is somewhat of a newcomer that's almost inside the radar of Sydney's Chinatown district. It's got this rustic loft-style feel to it and is situated on Sussex street. Home has become heavily known via word of mouth for it's cheap eats and the servings of thai hawker-style food that seems to be authentic, different and of trend within the CBD.

Our waitress pulls out her iPad from a faux-louis vuitton pouch that is loosely slung across her chest. With whatever iApp she uses, it's streamed wirelessly to their POS systems and to the kitchen. A great alternative to not using the old traditional ways of notepad and pens for ordering. We order the following and she repeats:

"Okay, so you order the two thai milk tea, the kanom jeeb wontons, the pad thai chicken, the gang deng curry,  one tom kha gai - anything else?"

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Sunny Harbour Restaurant, NSW


This weekend my family dinner gathering was spent in Hurstville at the Sunny Harbour Seafood Restaurant. 

Sunny Harbour Seafood (SH for short!) is quite a huge place as it used to be spanning on two levels prior to nowadays where it's first level is sectioned off as a bar and TAB for adults. The restaurant part however is up the stairs, where you are greeted upon a vast dining room with waitstaff and lots of big, round tables to cater for the extended asian families that all gather up for a meal.

The main attraction for our dinner that evening was for their seafood; primarily, the lobster. For times like these, it's one of the typical scenarios where the men of the table choose what's to eat for the family. So my Dad (a.k.a Mr. Chatterboxand Grandfather decide on what we're going to have for dinner that evening.

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Event: Taste of Sydney 2012


Sunday proved to be a fantastic day out for the last session date of Taste of Sydney 2012. The sun was bright, the clouds were none to be seen and sky a loveable shade of blue. I chose my favourite sundress and sunglasses and ventured off towards the Centennial Parklands in search for Taste.

I've never been to the Centennial Parklands before so I use my handy-dandy iMap on the phone to lead the way. We got our car parked but soon discovered that Taste is next door to where we were - over at Moore Park! Which by the way was bustling with footy supporters for an afternoon game. We decided to make a leisurely walk (when I say leisurely, I mean at least 3km..) towards Centennial where Taste was set up.

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Food Styling Workshop with Billy Law


Saturday morning I woke up early for something I've been anticipating for the past two weeks! 

I attended Billy Law's class of food styling over at Mumu's Bar & Grill on Alexander Street, Crows Nest. Billy creates brilliant recipes and spectacular food pictures on his A Table for Two blog.

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Kura Kura Restaurant, NSW


After seeing Figs & Brie's post of the Kura Kura Japanese Restaurant earlier on I'd been wanting to try this place out myself.

Kura Kura is situated in Haymarket on Ultimo Road and has since replaced what used to be a Chinese restaurant named House of Guangzhou - a place that I've grown up as a teenager knowing it's existance but always passing by, never in my mind thinking of visiting it. 

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Shancheng Hot Pot King, NSW


This week Aussies have to say "good bye summer!" as this week (belated, it was from the 1st of March, 2012) I've been assured by a friend that it's the last day of our summer season ... or lack thereof.

I'm quite bummed out by this year's summer as it just felt like rain, rain - oh look! sunshine! - and then more rain. blahblahblahrantrantrant... nevermind, now we have autumn and daylight savings about to kick in.. >___<;

Which is okay, I guess. It means if there's more cooler, rainy nights where I can have more hearty dinners like a Hotpot at the newly refurbished Shancheng Hot Pot King over in Chinatown on Sussex Street. 

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Fishface, NSW


This weekend we had the opportunity to visit Darlinghurst's Fishface, a small seafood restaurant situated on 132 Darlinghurst Road.

It doesn't seat many but that factor doesn't seem to hinder this restaurant one bit - 7:30PM dwells and the restaurant has it's fair share of patrons already. As a table of five we heavily await our chance for a table inside and are greeted by staff with a Wine List. The girls each had a glass of Sauvignon white, it's clear and crisp drop a sweetness to the tongue and not to mention a soother for any impatience we might have.

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