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Event: Taste of Sydney 2012


Sunday proved to be a fantastic day out for the last session date of Taste of Sydney 2012. The sun was bright, the clouds were none to be seen and sky a loveable shade of blue. I chose my favourite sundress and sunglasses and ventured off towards the Centennial Parklands in search for Taste.

I've never been to the Centennial Parklands before so I use my handy-dandy iMap on the phone to lead the way. We got our car parked but soon discovered that Taste is next door to where we were - over at Moore Park! Which by the way was bustling with footy supporters for an afternoon game. We decided to make a leisurely walk (when I say leisurely, I mean at least 3km..) towards Centennial where Taste was set up.

It's a quick process of ticketing and we're in. There are crowds, but fortunately it was not too congested. People ebb and flow towards different stalls of restaurant and food industry products that are being displayed for us to drool over and potentially purchase with Taste's own currency, the Crown.

We flag down a girl in pink who's t-shirt simply says "I Sell Crowns" in bold white letters on the back. She explains to us the whole crown currency - basically our Australian money becomes monopoly money for us to purchase food and drink. They came in booklets that were non-redeemable for real money afterwards. We opted for $30 crowns to start our little meandering about the stalls. 

Food and drink was priced on average $8-12 Crowns a plate for sweet and savoury choices, drinks $6-10 including alcoholic drinks from pop-up bars and lounges like the Original Black Label Juices, Swedish Rekorderlig Cider Bar and the Sensology Cocktail Makers were all amazing refreshers to a warm sun-soaked day. 

It wouldn't be fun without freebies so I picked up a few - for one there was the nifty pears of green and brown that were juicy and ripe for the plucking straight from the wooden boxes. A pretty neat idea. Then there was the HSBC goodie bag and free Gourmet Traveller's magazines being flaunted about - both of which I snagged up quickly whilst I had the chance. 

Then we came across the cyan van by the name of Chobani. This brightly coloured van played vendor to the company's greek yogurt product that had samples of their spectacularly fruity flavours. I chose a peach flavour amongst the mango, strawberry and passionfruit types. The flavour was sweet and the yogurt smooth with small flecks of peach flesh to accompany the yogurt.

To the side of the Chobani truck was the De Dietrech demonstration kitchen which at 3:30PM chef Alvin Quah was whipping up a steamed date and coconut pudding on stage. We stuck around for a while and made a quick note to return for the finale of the day - a three French chef cook-off!

Alvin Quah at the De Dietrich Kitchen

Then I got thirsty and decided to take my first Crowns purchase to Sensology for a cocktail. The cute red balls hold their signature Grand Cran a mix of Grand Marnier, Cazadores tequila, lime and sugar syrup. The cocktails are made on the spot and inside Sensology hosted small groups of cocktail tutorials for 10 Crowns.

We chugged over to Nespresso for a demonstration and sample shot of their coffee. The new line-up of coffee machines from Nespresso looked mighty impressive. The French chic-ness of Arrogant Frog was one of my faves from today's round-up of liquor-related stalls. Ribbit!

Then there was the elusive mini burgers and chilli dogs that keep on getting my attention through out the day. I wondered which outlet was serving them, and eventually asked a guy who had one of each in hand where he'd get them from. It's from Charlie & Co! I bought them myself and was quite satisfied with the chilli dog and chips at $8 Crowns. 

I also got to take a bite of a Slow Roasted Beef with Mashed Potatoes and Gravy and wanted to try a Wagyu beef ball but the latter was sold out by the time we got there. I've forgotten which restaurants they were from, sadly. The slow roasted beef was tender and the gravy tasty. Mashed potatoes are one of my addictive favourites when it comes to food especially when it's full of fatty, buttery goodness - so, I ate it all up!

So many more things (and pictures) are to be said for today, but I think you'd get the idea of what Taste is like so far. It was a fantastic day out to experience. Here's some more photos that I quite like including the Three French Cook-Off!

Sophie / TeaThyme attends as a guest of Taste of Sydney 2012.

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