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Fishface, NSW


This weekend we had the opportunity to visit Darlinghurst's Fishface, a small seafood restaurant situated on 132 Darlinghurst Road.

It doesn't seat many but that factor doesn't seem to hinder this restaurant one bit - 7:30PM dwells and the restaurant has it's fair share of patrons already. As a table of five we heavily await our chance for a table inside and are greeted by staff with a Wine List. The girls each had a glass of Sauvignon white, it's clear and crisp drop a sweetness to the tongue and not to mention a soother for any impatience we might have.

I've heard many spectacular things of Fishface, so eagerly we don't hesitate to order plenty of entrees and mains to try out Fishface's menu that is created with an array of select fresh produce that I've been assured by a reliable source is delivered fresh everyday from the local fisheries and markets, supervised no doubt by the head chef and business owner, Stephen Hodges. 
Tuna sushi & a plate of assorted raw cut fish

For starters we began with two plates of raw fish varieties, the Japanese sushi chef masterfully cuts us some tuna belly as a sushi plate with wasabi and soy sauce to accompany them with. 

Then the assorted sashimi plate comes into view with the flesh of tuna, salmon, kingfish and prawns that each are fresh and with the clean, simple textures of each fish.

New Caledonian raw prawns with two dipping sauces

The New Caledonian raw prawns were introduced by the waitress to us with the suggestion that they provide a creamy, sweet texture by themselves - which they sure did! Eaten alone, the prawns have this cream-like effect that is like a dream. The dipping sauces were greater pairings to the prawns; a garlic mayonnaise and then a light soy sauce too.

Just when you think we'd turn our attention to having mains think again! There's plenty more, in fact the above are the rest of them; firstly, the succulent scallops are pan-seared to perfection, their plump and juicy bodies placed onto a creamy cauliflower puree and a spread of caramelized onions for added texture and flavour. This was then followed by the tangy lemon and swordfish carpaccio plate that turned out to be a favourite of mine for it's refreshing, tantalizing lemon flavours and the softer, light pink flesh of the swordfish.

The mains arrive on queue and they're quite delectable for the eyes - the blue eyed travally fillet seared with a crispy "potato scales" on top with a side of greens. 

Then came my main meal for tonight, the ocean trout with filo pastry wrapped around the fillets that encase the fish and sorrel mushrooms amongst the roe and foam it was served with. The fish is lightly cooked and just warrants perfection, the filo pastry a flaky, crunchy outer casing that goes brilliantly with the seafoam like sauce that accompanied the meal.

Fish and Chips just seem to go hand in hand - the popular Fishface Fish and Chips are a sure fire hit! Served in a genius paper cone holster, the concept deep-fried fish and chips is usually such a simple, easy to cook meal but it's totally worth endeavoring here as the batter has so much crunch and the handmade potato chips are so terribly addictive!

For dessert it was the rich macadamia and chocolate tart which pretty much speaks for itself. Macadamia chunks are strewn all through-out the slice and the vanilla bean ice-cream on top served to be a real treat to complete our dinner over at Fishface.

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