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Food Styling Workshop with Billy Law


Saturday morning I woke up early for something I've been anticipating for the past two weeks! 

I attended Billy Law's class of food styling over at Mumu's Bar & Grill on Alexander Street, Crows Nest. Billy creates brilliant recipes and spectacular food pictures on his A Table for Two blog.

To kick things off we get familiar with everyone attending - budding guests that have general interest in all things food and drink or who are blog-type peeps interested in food and photography combined. I admit that prior to settling down inside Mumu's private function room which boasts it's own pizza oven and bar facilities, I felt like a meek newcomer to the food blogging circle but that feeling dissipated and in turn fun was had!

Billy guided us through an informative, visually stunning slide that he'd compiled earlier about the general facts of photography, food styles and themes, trends and themes as well as the understanding of light, shadows and the importance of balance and textures when it relates to plated food products.

Then it was off to the Mumu courtyard outside for a little bit of practical work using his eclectic tidbits of cutlery, assorted plates and rustic backdrops that accent every picture so well. Everyone was eager to listen and learn as well as snap up plenty of pictures of props and scenes that we were invited to peruse. 

Do you happen to know who this little blue munchkin is? It's Totoro! My inner anime/manga fangirlishness squealed with delight upon seeing this pretty plate that was atop all the other plates Billy had provided us students to borrow. Totoro is from a Hayao Miyazaki film called "My Neighbour Totoro" which I love to watch as a teenager and still do.

Then comes the best part - lunch! 

Entrées were served via the courtyard on wooden benches and tables for us to sit down and devour... that was, until everyone was satisfied with their own food shots! With everyone content on pictures, we finally got to talking and eating. Lots of marinated olives, toasted bread with dips and jamon serrano (dry cured ham) with bread were shared amongst our group before we headed back to our little Mumu sanctuary for the mains and desserts whilst Billy told us a few more tips and joined our table for something to eat.

Mains consisted of succulence and dynamic varieties such as haloumi with chilli and a zucchini dressing, figs stuffed to the brim with goats cheese then served with a wrapping of prosciutto, organic chicken with spiced nuts and apple, sirloin tagilatta with whole potatoes and assorted greens along with a tomato salad.

Passionfruit Pavlova - Left-hand side image courtesy Imgonica Photography

As Billy showed us a few pointers through his slides, my thoughts lost focus when I could see the waitresses holding our desserts and gently placed them onto our table. I think many other pairs of eyes from left to right of me did the same, as the gorgeous sweets came to view - the passionfruit pavlova, a chocolate tart with a smooth hazelnut ice-cream and the crème brûlée - all of which were amazing to have on their own or if you're a glutton like me, altogether...!!

So there you have it! A morning and lunch well spent. Thank you Billy for creating the workshop, it's definitely an opportunity that I've been grateful to have come across by.

A Table For Two

Mumu Grill

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