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Happy Lemon, NSW


What's fruity, yellow and zings with happiness? A Happy Lemon, of course!
*insert cricket chirps*

... and that is why I don't do jokes people! I can't!
But you get the drift, right? *coughs*
Ahem, moving on...

Tonight I walked past Happy Lemon; took a few paces backwards and thought heck, I've been meaning to try out one of Happy Lemon's drinks since I've always walked/driven past their shop fronts many times wondering what it's like inside. 

Located off George Street (near to World Square and practically a few doors down from Scruffy Murphy's corner) it's a place that serves various exotic tea drinks quite similar to ChaTime, Meet Fresh and Easyway - all of which are big taiwanese drink vendors that have quite a huge fanbase in Australia.

Here comes Happy Lemon which I've read before here and there about a drink franchise which hails from Hong Kong with a motivation for keeping the young generation on trend and creating a fashionable tea culture worldwide with "refreshing, positive, fresh and healthy" drinks.

Lemon Boy is their mascot, a cute lemon head with a face that winks at you. Everything and anything inside the place is coloured with yellow, red and orange and looks like a good youthful place to hang out in.  

I ponder at what to order for myself and scale through their drinks list. There's a Lemon Series, Mousse Spin series, Milk Tea series and the intriguing Rock Salt Cheese series. I order a Lemon yoghurt with Aloe from the Lemon series as a regular cup ($4.20) and since I didn't need to rush anywhere I took a seat on a citrus lemon seat next to their counter to watch the place for a while. 

The Lemon Yoghurt drink felt like I was drinking down a lemon cheesecake through the straw. It's like a super sweet cheese-like "yoghurt" based drink while the consistency of it wasn't thick but light and smooth to drink. There are bits and pieces of lemon wedges and ice, followed by aloe vera jellies at the bottom of the cup to slurp up. 

Then I meandered back to the counter and decided to try one of their Rock Salt Cheese teas because it really did strike me as an unusual beverage choice. I've happened to know about the Rock Salt trend about two years ago when I visited the Chinatown district of the OC in the USA with a friend who then proceeded to introduce me to an 85 Degrees Cafe (which Australia has as well, but I doubt at the time offered the same beverage until later) that sold Rock Salt Coffee and thought that it was peculiar - so now with the additional Cheese? What could it be like? 

One Green Tea with Rock Salt Cheese was ordered and I must've looked like a newbie to them because the staff were quite happy to tell me how things worked for drinking one of these. The guy insists that you peel off the lid and sip from the side of the cup, enjoying the creamy cheese foam on top sprinkled with green tea. Do not mix, he adds with caution. Mixing ruins the drinking experience at first but later on when the cheesiness has been drunk you can go ahead and use the straw. So, with a straw in hand for later on, I gave my thanks and all took my drinks home. 

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