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Home Thai, NSW


Home thai is somewhat of a newcomer that's almost inside the radar of Sydney's Chinatown district. It's got this rustic loft-style feel to it and is situated on Sussex street. Home has become heavily known via word of mouth for it's cheap eats and the servings of thai hawker-style food that seems to be authentic, different and of trend within the CBD.

Our waitress pulls out her iPad from a faux-louis vuitton pouch that is loosely slung across her chest. With whatever iApp she uses, it's streamed wirelessly to their POS systems and to the kitchen. A great alternative to not using the old traditional ways of notepad and pens for ordering. We order the following and she repeats:

"Okay, so you order the two thai milk tea, the kanom jeeb wontons, the pad thai chicken, the gang deng curry,  one tom kha gai - anything else?"

If your local enough to have been a diner at a similar yet different thai restaurant that's had it's fair share of Thai boom in the bizz,  then maybe you'll share the same thoughts as I have which is this: Home feels a lot like a slightly bigger and familiar waft of thai cuisine that reminds you of the sweet thai desserts and open spaced ambience of Chat Thai, another thai restaurant that prides over having great quality hawker-style thai food over in what's more commonly known by locals as "Thaitown" on Campbell street, Haymarket.

Nevertheless, I'm certain that both know of one another and are respectively different owners. With that let's go back to Home. 

Entrees are the kanom jeeb wontons with a black pool of dark vinegar and served hot. Inside these parcels are steamed prawn, pork and waterchest nuts. It's an unsual find for a thai place, often you'd see something like these over in Yum Cha but the Kanom Jeeb's taste great.

I've been a few times so far within the past few weeks  on various occasions. Twice in a row with family then a couple more times to show off my newly favourited Thai place to friends. This has given me two things; for one I've now tried different sitting locations of both ground level and the loft! I didn't mind sitting up at the loft, as it gives you the opportunity to have bigger tables but didn't quite like the ambience of seeing unexposed pipes and cement on the ceilings. Downstairs is where all the action was - the kitchen jammed up with many staff and then the main ground level area that seats tables of two's and four's primarily.

Our serves of Tom Kha Gai and this silken, gooey wonton dumpling (for lack of remembering their Thai name off the menu) soon follows. The tom kha gai is a coconut cream delight that packs a real hot, spicy punch with dark black chilli remnants that dangerously float about in the white cloudy soup bowl (entree sized). Accompanied with mushrooms and chicken, the soup is tasty and quickly becomes more addictive as the power of the chilli and coconut flavours engulf your senses.

As for the gooey gluggy bits above in white and lilac, this is a rather odd piece of food - the soft and very delicately created wontons are like a spin-off from the traditional betel leaf recipe the Thai create just sans leaf. Inside there are peanuts, prawns, galangal and ginger as it's main ingredients. These were to be eaten by themselves with no sauces.

For mains we selected the gang deng pad curry a roasted duck in red curry with cherry eggplant, apple eggplant, basil, lime leaf, red chili, pineapple, lychee and tomatoes. Then the aussie favourite, the pad thai chicken - a traditional Thai wok tossed noodle dish with rice noodles, prawns or chicken, egg & tamarind sauce.

Being too full we opted not to test drive their sweets but have a look-see above at their dessert section in the kitchen that's filled with gloriously vibrant ingredients of exotic jackfruit, lychee, starchy blue pearl tapioca and jellies as well as the pandan green custard and bread. 

'till next time!

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