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Sunny Harbour Restaurant, NSW


This weekend my family dinner gathering was spent in Hurstville at the Sunny Harbour Seafood Restaurant. 

Sunny Harbour Seafood (SH for short!) is quite a huge place as it used to be spanning on two levels prior to nowadays where it's first level is sectioned off as a bar and TAB for adults. The restaurant part however is up the stairs, where you are greeted upon a vast dining room with waitstaff and lots of big, round tables to cater for the extended asian families that all gather up for a meal.

The main attraction for our dinner that evening was for their seafood; primarily, the lobster. For times like these, it's one of the typical scenarios where the men of the table choose what's to eat for the family. So my Dad (a.k.a Mr. Chatterboxand Grandfather decide on what we're going to have for dinner that evening.

As with most Chinese restaurants when you dine your given a House broth of sorts - this is a hot simmering broth that's been on the stove, simmering away for plenty of hours to maintain a flavour and stock base to be served as a complimentary for the table and the kitchen often changes it daily or has a set "soup broth" in mind for each day. In this instance, we were given a clear broth of sugarcane, carrot and pork knuckles. Given that it's got the sugarcane all through-out, the broth is piping hot, sweet and the bits and pieces of remaining carrot and pork that aren't dissolved are soft.

So we're greeted with the live lobster that has been whisked away from their aquarium tanks to our table for a closer inspection before his untimely... sleep with a blanket of butter, pillows of garlic and thick egg noodles to lie upon. He's was a big one as Mr. Lobster could easily have been a four kilogram or three, and was the first to arrive at our table. Everyone digs in before I can grab a hands-free, chopstick-free shot! One lesson to tell is when Chinese people are dining, they don't wait - eat fast or if you're slowpoke then you'll be missing out!

Our alpha males also ordered us some french beans with fish cake, another clear broth-like soup with vegetables like carrots, mushrooms, garlic and small little scallops. Then there was this recommended dish from the Captain of the staff who said there's a dish of eggplant braised with minced pork in a hoisin based sauce served along with one raw egg on top. We were intrigued, and it reminded me of the Korean bibimbap that needed a quick mix-up.

For dessert it was a seasonal plating of freshly sliced fruits from the kitchen and then a big bowl of their daily dessert - this one being a slightly cream-like peanut and barley served warm.

Sunny Harbour Chinese Restaurant
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