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Sushi Train, NSW


Oh joyous days! Haven't the previous days been such enjoyable ones, weather-wise? I am absolutely adoring the blue skies and less rain and not too fussed that there's not too much of chilly weather as yet. Although come rain fall I am ready with umbrella and my newly acquired gumboots!

For lunch I met up with some friends over at the Sushi Train in Cremorne. Part of the Sushi train chain that is very vast, it's sushi train restaurants span over the ACT, NSW, QLD and NZ. 

Whichever side your seated on the picking of the sushi off the sushi train is always fun. Plates are scooted along the conveyor belt for your choosing. On the booths, you've got a table and space for groups of about 4-6 people to chat whereas the other side of the restaurant is more of high chairs, optimal for single seating for the quick and easy nibble.

We're seated in front of two sushi train chefs as they prep and create more sushi varieties in front of us. The staff are polite and often call out to each other in Japanese regarding any orders from waitstaff to kitchen. The kitchen is situated in the heart of the sushi train with sections for sushi rolls, sushi and sashimi and even a deep frying section. 

I always wait for the fresh pot of wasabi that is rotating on the train because it's so much nicer to have that in comparison to the packeted wasabi to mix with some soy sauce. This is a tip I've adopted from reading off a reviewer not too long ago on another food review site for this place (or all sushi joints) and have since lived by it. Wasabi sorted, I grab my chopsticks and I'm ready to sushi it up!

I pick up the salmon and ikura ship to start things off - the salmon and ikura (which means salmon roe in Japanese) ship is a bite-size oozey sushi plate with freshly sliced salmon and little bubbly fish eggs that are bright orange and make a pop! noise in your mouth once eaten. Apart from feeling a tad guilty that I was chowing down on little Nemo's, the delicious morsel of the salmon and ikura wouldn't have been complete without the creamy dousing of japanese mayonnaise.

Then there's the gyoza dumplings that are pan-fried slightly on their bottoms. There is a lighter sauce for dipping them into which I always have to be cautious about because last time I tried to open a pack and the sauce went flying on my clothes and everywhere! Cheeky bugger, that packaging...

Then lastly I cannot leave any sushi joint without the delightful mouthful of the aburi salmon. Aburi means to lightly grill with a source of flame and the japanese chef do a good job at simply giving the salmon a light graze of fire to leave off with a slightly cooked salmon.

You'd be surprise at how quickly one can get full over just a few dishes of sushi varieties. It may not seem much to some, but after a while 2-3 plates are plenty for me or even just 2 sushi hand rolls if they're of decent sizings.

For drinks I recommend the sweet Peach or Mango soda, an original soft drink that the sushi train have on offer or go Japanese with a simple hot green tea cuppa.


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