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BBQ King over on Goulburn street in Chinatown is one of the little few asian restaurants that still retain a namesake over the years of it's opening back in 1979. It's a restaurant that has been there alongside Chinatown, watching the surrounding streets grow and develop over the years and transform establishments that make Chinatown what it is today.

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Anzac Day 2012


Today is one of the most important Australian and New Zealand historical anniversaries - Anzac Day

This national holiday was taken into effect to honor our Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (ANZAC for short) that were an allied group of army soldiers from both countires who were sent forth to Gallipoli to fight against the Ottoman Empire defenders during the first World War in 1915. 

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Ribs & Burgers, NSW


Meeting up with friends for dinner, we all walked on over to Grosvenor Street in Neutral Bay to check out the Ribs & Burgers Restaurant.

The Ribs & Burgers restaurant could be described as an up market American diner. The staff wear pinstripe aprons and caps to mimic the look of butchers, the chef's are busy at work behind the kitchen and the service counter is trucking along with people during a busy Saturday dinner trade.

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Hello TeaThyme readers!

Last night I stumbled across a convenience store next to The Star's casino. I'm a little fuzzy on what the shop was called but it's always open and is situated near to the food court. Inside the store was tons of foreign candy brands and one of which I had long since forgotten about - Pop-Tarts!

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Wang Wang Shanghai Silver Star, NSW


There's quite a few eateries to try out on the long Anzac Parade road but for some reason the Wang Wang Shanghai Silver Star seemed to have caught our interest not too long ago on a random visit to the area. I think it must've been the name - a long tedious mouthful of words that seem so lost in translation... how could you not walk past it and take a moment to figure out what on earth the place is all about?

Notably, it's a cheap eatery with a broad menu of Chinese/Shanghai cuisine. If you're looking for good ambience/service then newsflash -  there's none to be found - just some simple tables and chairs for furniture to accommodate the locals (mainly young UNSW students). One of the walls are adorned with bamboo steamers up top. There's also a small display kitchen for the staff to prepare their handmade dumpling and buns firsthand for all to see.

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Fifi Foveaux's, NSW


"You'll love this place - it's really pretty inside..." says Miss Sunshine.

I nodded in response and we walked up to the corner of Foveaux and Crown street where I finally get acquainted with the cafe named Fifi Foveaux's - a name which I think is phonetically gorgeous itself!

On the outside there's red metallic stools and circle tables whilst inside there is the lustrous red wallpapers, ornate chandeliers, photo frames of black and white pictures and even little red gnome stools that hide playfully underneath your table.

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Fat Noodle, NSW

@ The Star Casino (18+ Entry)

It's a Saturday night and way past the usual bedtime hour... So, where am I? 

I look around me and all I see is rows amongst rows of poker machines all lit up and spurring out the most loudest, cash-luring noises for it's gamers. The roulette table is spinning and people are playing card games such as blackjack, baccarat and trying out their luck on a spinning wheel of fortune. 

The Star casino, formerly known as Sydney's Star City casino has since gained a new exterior and interior uplift and as well as the new name. With it is also a string of well-known restaurants (see: Zumbarons!) , a food court (see: Din Tai Fung) and high fashion shopping below the casino level.

Inside the casino however is where all the action of the gambling that goes on all day and all night non-stop. 

But people must go hungry sometime, right? 

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Happy Easter 2012


Dearest TEATHYME readers,
Happy wonderful fantastical glorious joyous Easter everyone!

How are you going to be spending the lovely Easter holiday weekend?

For myself, I've had the chance to prep for our Easter luncheon with family and found this nifty tutorial online for cute decorated eggs!

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