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Anzac Day 2012


Today is one of the most important Australian and New Zealand historical anniversaries - Anzac Day

This national holiday was taken into effect to honor our Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (ANZAC for short) that were an allied group of army soldiers from both countires who were sent forth to Gallipoli to fight against the Ottoman Empire defenders during the first World War in 1915. 

For eight long months the battle was deduced as a stalemate and ultimately the Anzac's were heavily defeated without being able to achieve their goal of capturing Constantinpole (now known as Istanbul, Turkey) as they'd have hoped.

The 25th of April has since been the date when all Australians join together to pay their respects to the men and women who have died in battle for the sake of the country not only from the Gallipoli event but also the countless times Australians have fallen in action.

I just wanted to do a little post today as a salute for all their hardships and my respects to the Australian army and defense corps as they continue to venture forth for our country, our home.

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