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BBQ King over on Goulburn street in Chinatown is one of the little few asian restaurants that still retain a namesake over the years of it's opening back in 1979. It's a restaurant that has been there alongside Chinatown, watching the surrounding streets grow and develop over the years and transform establishments that make Chinatown what it is today.

This blast from the past BBQ restaurant shows age with it's grungy yellow tungsten lighting for all it's rooms and having the same owner from many years in the running. Ancient chinese artworks framed along the walls are a huge contrast to their somewhat newly-acquired modern photo snaps of fashion models during a photoshoot that occurred at BBQ King not too long ago. 

The kitchen for the BBQ produce a sharp and loud bang each time the chef's knife meets the neck of the unfortunate peking duck or a succulent pig that's being made to order. The street window's been one way to have a look at how things are done and during the day a side window is open for those who wish to purchase meats direct from the kitchen as a take-away.

We're given a house broth for the table to start things off. This is a complimentary bowl of temperature hot soup that the main kitchen simmers for hours during the day to be served for customers. Each day is usually a different type so tonight's is a carrot, watercress and pork trotter infused broth.

Above: Correction! BBQ Duck & Pork... not Chicken. 

It wouldn't be a decent BBQ King visit without the attendance of a BBQ meat dish on the table so I ordered myself a plate of their BBQ duck and pork. Both meats are juicy and tender with each having a wonderful crisp skin on the outside on a bed of steamed white rice and chinese greens on it's side.

Lastly we each had a San Choy Bau lettuce leaf served with a morsel of minced duck, oyster sauce and beansprouts tossed in together with these dried white noodles for added crunch that goes great with a dabble of plum sauce.

So i've been here many times but the most memorable story I can recall was when I was about eleven and we were going for lunch seated upstairs for a table of four. Walking up the BBQ King staircase that leads to the second tier of the restaurant with family in tow, we came across some people that were descending down the steps at the same time. Before we could reach the top, of the four guys, one paused to pat my little brother lightly on the head. I looked up at the guy, and saw his face - light blue eyes and a smile. 

He looked familiar as did the other guys and I was pretty certain that they were the same familiar popular faces of the band called Human Nature. My dad asked a staff member if they knew whether they were celebrities but they declined to answer the question at the time. Soooo... could it have been a brush with some local Australian celebs? I hope so anyway, lol.

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