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Fat Noodle, NSW

@ The Star Casino (18+ Entry)

It's a Saturday night and way past the usual bedtime hour... So, where am I? 

I look around me and all I see is rows amongst rows of poker machines all lit up and spurring out the most loudest, cash-luring noises for it's gamers. The roulette table is spinning and people are playing card games such as blackjack, baccarat and trying out their luck on a spinning wheel of fortune. 

The Star casino, formerly known as Sydney's Star City casino has since gained a new exterior and interior uplift and as well as the new name. With it is also a string of well-known restaurants (see: Zumbarons!) , a food court (see: Din Tai Fung) and high fashion shopping below the casino level.

Inside the casino however is where all the action of the gambling that goes on all day and all night non-stop. 

But people must go hungry sometime, right? 

That's when the food court and restaurants kick in to help for sustenance. Inside The Star casino lies a food court of it's own as well as the more lavish Fat Noodle, an asian inspired restaurant linked to the name of a famed celebrity chef: Luke Nguyen of Surry Hill's Red Lantern and SBS show Luke in Vietnam.

I suggested to my friend that we have an entree to share whilst waiting for two other friends to come along for supper. The salt and pepper silken tofu with chilli was my choice. They are slightly fried and rolled with a garlic and chilli infusion and are my favourite from Fat Noodle because the tofu is always a silky texture and the chilli factor is usually mildly hot!

For our after midnight munchies we order the Char Kueh Teow-esque dish consisting of flat rice noodles that have been stir fried with chicken and given a lemon wedge on the side for a little more zing. Then there was the Pho Noodles with soft strips of sliced Angus Sirloin and long yet skinny rice noodles in a soup that left me wanting a more sufficient flavour for the soup base. 

To refreshen the tastebuds I decided to order their lychee and lemonade soda drink which as it's name suggests is simply a mix of lemonade and plump lychees that float within the bubbly soda drink. 

Lastly my friend's duck laksa came into view. A milky coconut variation to the laksa recipe, the soup held more flavour (I managed to weasle out a few spoonfuls from them!) and was accompanied with pieces of duck, lychees, bean sprouts, fish cake and vegies with the bowl of steamed rice.

With our tummies full and cash flow significantly reduced, it was time to toddle off back home into the comfort of our beds.


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