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Fifi Foveaux's, NSW


"You'll love this place - it's really pretty inside..." says Miss Sunshine.

I nodded in response and we walked up to the corner of Foveaux and Crown street where I finally get acquainted with the cafe named Fifi Foveaux's - a name which I think is phonetically gorgeous itself!

On the outside there's red metallic stools and circle tables whilst inside there is the lustrous red wallpapers, ornate chandeliers, photo frames of black and white pictures and even little red gnome stools that hide playfully underneath your table.

Our coffees are whisked from the barista to our little circular table by the window that overlooks the street. I fell in love with the novelty of the chocolate freckles that they provide with the coffees. Miss Sunshine said it reminded her of her childhood days when she used to eat them all the time from her school canteen, and I couldn't help but feel the same.

We ordered our lunch from our waitress - Miss Sunshine getting the chicken schnitzel with fresh sprigs of rocket for salad, hot and crunchy fries and mayonnaise to dip them into. Then there was my prosciutto sandwich with marinated mushrooms, swiss cheese and rockets all warmly toasted with two big slices of chunky artisan bread. 

It was good to have met up with bestie Miss Sunshine for our usual weekly lazy, gossip-enriched lunch and since she's become a new local of the area I'm pretty sure we'll be frequenting Crown Street and Foveaux for more sweet little spots for our sandwiches and coffees. As for  today, it all turned out perfect and relaxed! 

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