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Hello TeaThyme readers!

Last night I stumbled across a convenience store next to The Star's casino. I'm a little fuzzy on what the shop was called but it's always open and is situated near to the food court. Inside the store was tons of foreign candy brands and one of which I had long since forgotten about - Pop-Tarts!

I decided to buy one and chose the Brown Sugar Cinnamon. Usually on other Pop-Tarts you'd have frosting on top of the pastries, but this was an unfrosted version.

I remember having the chocolate flavoured pop-tarts when I was younger and now that I've thought about it, Pop-Tarts seemed to have gone under the radar. So, I searched up Pop-Tarts to find that it hasn't been stocked in the supermarket aisles for many years in Australia since 2005 due to product discontinuation.

It's only been a couple of years ago that they've emerged back into our shores via special imports for select shops both online and offline like Sugar Fix or MooLollyBar; which these stores currently stock a few flavours and varied sized packs but because of it being a product of the USA it could be a costly snack. It's about $15-25 a box depending on how many of these toasted pastries you'd purchase.

Having these with tea for breakfast today gave me such nostalgia of being a kid with Pop-Tarts!
If you remember them too... what's your favourite flavour?

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