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Ribs & Burgers, NSW


Meeting up with friends for dinner, we all walked on over to Grosvenor Street in Neutral Bay to check out the Ribs & Burgers Restaurant.

The Ribs & Burgers restaurant could be described as an up market American diner. The staff wear pinstripe aprons and caps to mimic the look of butchers, the chef's are busy at work behind the kitchen and the service counter is trucking along with people during a busy Saturday dinner trade.

Their menu is a rather large blackboard propped on the side of their service counter for dine-in and take away. There are burgers, ribs, salads, a kids menu and sides to choose from for food as well as a house wine and beers list. For our visit, we each order a different burger: Chicken with Lemon and Herb, the "Hawaiian" - a beef burger with pineapple and cheese along with a Cheese and Bacon beef burger.

Once you've ordered you're given a big metal teapot as an order marker for the table. A quirky idea, the teapot holds napkins, condiments and cutlery for you to use at either a table outside overlooking the Grosvenor street or inside at the navy blue and brown booths.

My lemon and herb burger comes first; a decent sized burger with thick slices of char-grilled chicken, a sauce of lemon and herb, slices of red onion, tomato and lettuce all on a soft bread bun. 

The other burgers soon followed, the cheesy bacon burger: a stunning tower of juicy bits of bacon and beef whilst the Hawaiian proved to be good too.

For sides there are dishes like the deep-fried onion rings, chicken wings that had a tangy chilli flavour and really hot crispy chips that were so addictive to eat. 

Next to us was a table of five with an assortment of meals - namely, I spied the mini burgers (lamb, beef and chicken miniature burgers) and ribs that have been marinated for hours. Those meals are served on wooden boards and looked well presented! Guess it'll have to be something I'd have to try out myself on another visit then.

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