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Wang Wang Shanghai Silver Star, NSW


There's quite a few eateries to try out on the long Anzac Parade road but for some reason the Wang Wang Shanghai Silver Star seemed to have caught our interest not too long ago on a random visit to the area. I think it must've been the name - a long tedious mouthful of words that seem so lost in translation... how could you not walk past it and take a moment to figure out what on earth the place is all about?

Notably, it's a cheap eatery with a broad menu of Chinese/Shanghai cuisine. If you're looking for good ambience/service then newsflash -  there's none to be found - just some simple tables and chairs for furniture to accommodate the locals (mainly young UNSW students). One of the walls are adorned with bamboo steamers up top. There's also a small display kitchen for the staff to prepare their handmade dumpling and buns firsthand for all to see.

The dumplings we order are really addictive to eat: the steamed pork buns were served hot and went well with black vinegar, producing an equally hot broth inside. Mr Chatterbox asks us all how many we have eaten at one point and I say i've had two, Mrs Helpful and Mr Tickle respond with the same amount and then we find out that Mr. Chatterbox has eaten five ALL to himself!

Then we had the crystal prawns which were great with our black vinegar, a plate of minced pork was placed inside the sesame pockets to fill and bite into.

The glossy looking pork belly worked a treat; which was served on a bed of bok choy vegetables and   went well with steamed rice. Our wonton short soup was plain and simple.

Finally, we ordered two more pastry dishes: a shredded radish for savoury and the sweeter pumpkin  filled with a red bean paste.  

Looking around I've come to notice what other people have ordered at Wang Wang. There's alot of variety that comes from having a big menu - the hot pots and other intriguing dishes that looked so much interesting in comparison to our dinner. So, with that in mind perhaps we'll visit again soon to try something else.

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